CDC Discovers Dangerous Rat Virus in Bolivia – Allegedly

US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention researchers have allegedly discovered human-to-human transmission of a rare virus in Bolivia, according to The Guardian. The virus belongs to the same family as Ebola. It is a group of viruses that can cause hemorrhagic fevers.

Why it matters: Government scientists, as well as those funded by Bill Gates, are continuing to work to find new viruses to use to manipulate the people. Coronavirus was extremely successful at this, and there will no doubt be new viruses coming up. As such, it is always good to keep track of these news articles about viruses.

  • The CDC claims that in 2019, two patients transmitted this virus to three healthcare workers in Bolivia’s central city of La Paz.
  • One of the patients and two of the medical workers later died.
  • This is only the second documented outbreak of this alleged new virus, the first having been in a rural area of Bolivia in 2004.
  • The CDC says that this emerging virus can be carried by “many bodily fluids.”

Go deeper: They believe that the virus is carried by rats, and has now passed to humans.

  • Patients with this virus allegedly suffered fever, abdominal pain, vomiting, bleeding gums, skin rash and pain behind the eyes.
  • The CDC claims it was surprised to find this virus, but is unable to confirm that it is this virus.

The big picture: The government could well be creating and releasing various viruses in various regions. They have every reason to do this. It is also very easy to fake a hoax in a nation like Bolivia, and have the media report it uncritically.

The CDC is a known criminal organization that has staged all kinds of hoaxes, and believing anything they say would be absurd.