CDC: Almost Half of Americans are Obese, 1 in 10 are “Severely” Overweight

Pomidor Quixote
Daily Stormer
February 29, 2020

Pictured: normal phones on the left, American phone on the right.

Excess weight is a symptom and a consequence of mental conflict.

The U.S. Sun:

ALMOST half of all Americans are considered “obese”… and 1 in 10 are “severely overweight.”

According to new data from The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, more than 40 percent of US adults are considered obese.

The 2017-18 health survey, released Thursday, found the US obesity rate to be 42 percent and the severe obesity rate to be more than 9 percent.

Despite a 2 percent increase in the obesity rate from a 2015-16 study, and an 1 percent rise from the previous severe obesity rate study – the changes are not deemed to be statistically significant.

But the percentage changes are so minimal that its mathematically probable that the rates didn’t truly rise.

The rates themselves may or may not have risen, but you know what definitely did rise? The body fat percentage of Americans.

The American is the biggest hominid walking the Earth, and the only primate of that size that also moves around using mobility scooters.

Truly a testament of American adiposity ingenuity.

You may not like the way Americans look, with all of their hanging fat and stuff, but you can’t deny the practicality of it from an evolutionary perspective.

Once food shortages start and mass starvation begins, Americans will be able to sit still like an egg in an incubator and live on their own caloric reserves for months and even years while the rest of the world dies of body fat deficiency.

Then, and only then, the People of Obese will finally get the last laugh.

A CDC epidemiologist and a co-author in the study, Cynthia Ogden, told UPI. “The findings are important for everyone.

“We’ve seen increases in obesity going back to the 1980s, so it continues to be a public health concern.

We know that obesity and severe obesity, in particular, are associated with many chronic conditions including diabetes and heart disease.”

George Washington University obesity expert, Dr. William Dietz, said the findings suggest more Americans will get diabetes, heart, disease, and cancer – as the obesity rate has risen to approximately 40 percent in the past 20 years.
Severely obese people require more care from doctors, Dr. Dietz told the Associated Press.

Dr. Dietz added: “How’s a provider going to do that? Severe obesity really requires very intensive therapy.”

He blamed the government for not enforcing more measures to encourage physical activity.

According to the findings, there were no major differences between men or women or by age.

Adults aged 40-50 were most affected by severe obesity, according to the study.

Black adults saw the highest number of obesity rates, when compared to other races.

Dr. Dietz sounds like a moron. He may not be a moron, but suggesting that a lack of encouragement of physical activity is somehow related to the increasing rates of obesity is quite retarded.

The reason exercise is a bad weapon against obesity is a consequence of the very reason obesity exists in the first place.

Human bodies are very good at using as little energy as possible to perform tasks. This is why when men eat some calorie-loaded junk food meal, their brains are like, “Cool, man. I’m pumped now. We can continue hunting for like 12 hours straight, non-stop! Let’s do this! For the glory of our tribe!

Wait. Why aren’t you moving?

The body then stores the excess energy hoping that it will eventually get used.

And stores more energy.

And stores some more.

And continues to store.

To break that cycle and to keep you and your loved ones from entering that cycle in the first place, Mr Anglin’s Stormer Diet Guides are at your disposal.