CDC Adds Six New Symptoms to Official Coronavirus Symptoms List

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is continuing to play a major role in inflating coronavirus death statistics.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has already issued highly questionable guidance to hospitals on how they should go about reporting coronavirus deaths. They literally state in their official guidance that an individual doesn’t even need to be tested for the coronavirus in order for them to be marked down as having died from it. Despite claims to the contrary, this type of guidance has obviously been put into place to bolster the number of supposed coronavirus deaths.

Even with the CDC’s questionable guidance at play, they apparently didn’t think that their fake death numbers were high enough. That’s why they’ve taken additional action to greatly expand the official number of coronavirus symptoms.

Sacramento Bee:

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has tripled the number of coronavirus symptoms it lists on its website.

The federal organization previously listed fever, cough and shortness of breath as symptoms of COVID-19. The CDC has added six additional symptoms as people “have had a wide range of symptoms reported,” it says on its website.

New symptoms for the disease now include “chills, repeated shaking with chills, muscle pain, headache, sore throat and new loss of taste or smell,” the CDC said.

This expanded list of symptoms is so ridiculously broad that you could potentially claim that any person has the coronavirus. It also means that almost any death, regardless of its true cause, could be identified as having been coronavirus-related.

The fact that the government is resorting to this level of trickery and manipulation is an admission that the coronavirus is nowhere near as dangerous as we are being told. If this were the plague of doom as they say it is, there would be no need for this type of chicanery. There’d be ample amounts of evidence showing mass death around the country.

But what do we see instead? We see empty hospitals and medical workers being laid off or furloughed in the thousands.

There is no medical crisis no matter how hard they try to fudge the numbers with these weird schemes.

We are at a point where these government bureaucrats feel as if they have no choice but to try and pad the death numbers as much as possible. They have to justify why they pushed to implement such an extreme and draconian lockdown when even their inflated death numbers are proving to be similar to the death numbers that we see during a normal flu season.

But there’s no justifying the immense and incalculable economic damage that they have caused. We now have mainstream figures like Brit Hume from Fox News calling this out as something that could go down in history as a “public policy calamity.”

It is truly insane what these people have done by pushing all this fear and hysteria. The amount of lives that will be ruined as a result of this hoax are going to be in the many millions if not billions. We are no doubt living through an event that will go down as the biggest hoax in all of recorded history.