CCTV Footage Released Showing Jogger Trespassing in a Home Under Construction Before Shooting Incident

The two white men charged with murdering an unarmed jogger, Ahmaud Arbery, claimed that they were pursuing him because he had been involved in burglaries, specifically that items had been stolen from a construction site, and they were looking to make a citizens’ arrest.

The incident, portrayed as the murder of an innocent jogger by racist whites, has sparked a media storm (in fact the first media storm since the lockdown began). Jogger-Americans have protested/rioted, demonstrating solidarity with Arbery.

As you can see from the photos, even some non-joggers attended the protests to show solidarity with the Jogger-American community.

But is this all just another anti-jogger hoax designed to inflame tensions between joggers and the rest of America?

This is the infamous footage of the shooting, which clearly shows that the two white men were attacked by the jogger.

The video clearly shows the jogger attacking the two white men, Travis McMichael and his father Gregory McMichael. Initially it appeared as though the media was arguing that they were not attacked, and we reported on this. I’m not sure if that was ever actually the official argument, however. Although it’s not entirely clear, the insinuation by the media appears to be that they were tracking the jogger so they would be attacked and this would allow them to shoot him.

The police who arrived at the scene agreed that the shooting was in self-defense, and no one ever heard about this event until last week, when the jogging community began protesting and the father and son were arrested and charged with murder. Understand that the event happened on February 23.

It turns out there is footage of Arbery going into the construction site which had been repeatedly robbed. The Georgia Bureau of Investigation has released footage from both inside and outside the house, showing Arbery entering the home and looking around and then running out. This footage had previously been mentioned by the prosecutor in the context of explaining why he never brought a case, but it is just now being released.

The media report on the footage which shows him inside of the house under construction is at the top of the page. Here is a media report on the footage from outside the house which shows him entering the home and also shows a white man, presumably one of the McMichaels, watching him from across the street.

The man who was watching called 911 and reported that a man had entered the house under construction.

Police have yet to confirm that this is Arbery entering the home, or that it is one of the McMichaels watching him, but it is obvious that it is Arbery, and if it wasn’t McMichaels watching, it was someone who called McMichaels after he called 911.

The media has noted that there is no report of anything stolen being on his body after he was shot, and I assume it is also true that he did not steal anything at this time. There are a lot of valuable items at a construction site, but few of them are items you can fit in your pocket. A box full of Snap-On tools for instance can be pawned for several hundred dollars, but you’re not going to pawn one wrench. Just so, there are electric saws and drills that fetch a good value on the fencing market that will not fit in your pocket.

However, it is obvious that either Arbery or one of his jogger friends was responsible for the previous robberies. Maybe it wasn’t him that did it, and he’d just heard that some other jogger had scored big at this spot, and he was checking it out to see what there was.

When I was in high school I worked on construction sites, and tools were regularly stolen. And it would not happen just once. If something had been stolen once, you could be sure that something would be stolen again. We would do our best to clean things up, take as much as we could with us in our cars, and lock up the rest, but they would still always find something to steal.

What Arbery was obviously doing was “casing the joint” to see what tools had been replaced and were laying in the unfinished home. If it was enough to make a robbery worth it, he would come back later with a truck and a team of joggers to load the items up in a vehicle. This happened on a Sunday, so he was able to enter the home in the early afternoon and know that no one would be there.

Hilariously, based on the footage, the construction team that had been robbed previously had made a point to clear out their replacement tools, so it is likely that Arbery never would have returned to the spot for an actual robbery.

Also hilarious, and not being mentioned by the media except in passing, is that Arbery’s mother, Wanda Cooper-Jones, was not at all surprised when she heard her son had been shot while committing a robbery. Whereas in a lot of these cases the mother goes nuts saying “he ain’t not never didn’t do nothin!”, this woman was like “yeah, you’ll have that I suppose…”

ABC News, May 8, 2020:

Cooper-Jones said she never had to worry about her son when he went out for his daily jog because he didn’t bother anyone.

But when police came to her home on Feb. 23, she said they told her that her son had been shot and killed inside a house during the commission of a burglary. Cooper-Jones said she didn’t question the officer.

“I didn’t question it because it was authority talking,” said Cooper-Jones.

There is a very obvious series of events here:

  • The construction site had been repeatedly robbed by a young male jogger
  • The community knew about the robberies
  • A young black male was seen entering the construction site
  • 911 was called and the response time was too long
  • The McMichaels, after having witnessed the trespass or having been called by someone who did, went after the jogger to make a citizen’s arrest
  • The jogger attacked them
  • The jogger was shot in self-defense

This all makes perfect sense. Conversely, the claim that these were racists who hunted this jogger down and murdered him out of pure hatred for joggers, and then the police let them go because police also hate joggers, is absolutely nonsensical.

Ultimately, The Video is All You Need

This is all kind of a pointless discussion, because you can see from the video that Arbery attacked these men who were only trying to talk to him. Guns were not drawn until the jogger attacked. Nothing would have happened if he had not attacked them. Maybe they would have held him and waited for the police to arrive, but if that had turned out to be unwarranted, they could have been prosecuted for it or he could have sued them. But it was warranted, because he had already trespassed, even if he hadn’t stolen anything. That’s a crime.

As a rule, if you don’t want to get shot, don’t attack people. It’s not complicated.

Please Stop Talking About This

This is all just a massive distraction. And it isn’t simply a distraction for the blacks, who don’t really seem to care very much about the lockdown anyway.

It is a distraction, primarily, for right-wingers who would be the people likely to be involved in the protests against the lockdown. The government and media both know what the Trayvon Martin event, and all of the hoaxes that came after that, did to normal white people. The masses go nuts over these hoaxes. So they picked an extreme situation, where the jogger was very obviously in the wrong, to create mass outrage among normal whites so they would pay attention to this instead of to the lockdown and the protests surrounding it.

Did you all see this tweet from compulsively pro-jogger and anti-white blogger Matt Walsh, employee of Ben Shapiro’s Daily Wire?

What could possibly be the purpose of that tweet other than to upset people? Right-wingers get even more upset by cuckolded conservative support for joggers than they do by leftist media support for joggers.

I don’t know if Matt Walsh is in on a conspiracy to pump up this distraction, but if he was in on such a conspiracy, then he would tweet “the whites should die.” Given who his boss is, I wouldn’t be at all surprised if someone told him to tweet this.

When you see his response to the construction site video, it becomes even harder to believe that he isn’t simply trying to make people mad.

The cops and the prosecutor had this footage of the jogger trespassing in the home under construction. The media knew about the footage. It could have been released with the shooting footage, and the whole thing could have been explained. They are going to drag this out for as long as possible, as they bait the right wing into continuing to talk about it.

I’m very frustrated by having to write about this. I do not want to write about this. I want to write about the coronavirus hoax, the lockdown agenda and the protest movement against it. That is what is happening. This is the world we live in now.

In this new world, we are not going to be talking about idiotic fake news hoaxes with innocent good boy joggers.