CBDCs Rising: Israel has Already Tested “Digital Shekel”

The Jews are already preparing for a digital currency.

This is a core element of the incoming New World Order.

Jerusalem Post:

Israel has already conducted a pilot test of a digital shekel cryptocurrency, Bank of Israel Deputy Governor Andrew Abir said, perhaps inadvertently, at a recent conference of the Fair Value Forum of IDC Herzliya.

Toward the end of a panel discussion, Abir said the Bank of Israel had already run a digital currency pilot. Another member of the panel seemed surprised and asked: “You have already issued a coin?” Abir responded in the affirmative.

However, Abir said he was not optimistic that such a central-bank digital currency (CBDC) would ever be launched.

“I had previously estimated that the chance of having a CBDC within five years is 20%,” Abir said. “My estimate has increased a bit in the last year, mainly because other countries are advancing with it too. But still there is less than a 50% chance.”

In May, the Bank of Israel said it was preparing an action plan for how it could offer a digital currency. The concept of issuing such a currency has been in discussion since 2017, but it decided to accelerate its research and preparation for the potential issuance “in view of the rapid developments in the digital economy and in payments, and in view of the major central banks’ work on the issue.”

A CBDC would rely on distributed ledger technologies such as blockchain, but it would be different from the cryptocurrencies that are popular today, including bitcoin. The most important difference is that while cryptocurrencies do not belong to any specific country, and some are characterized by having no central authority to manage them, a CBDC issued by a country’s central bank would be regulated by the relevant state authorities.

“The option for a CBDC is still being examined, and when we made our statement last month, it was not to say what we are doing, but rather to share what we do not know and receive feedback from the public,” Abir said.

The real major difference between a CBDC and Bitcoin is that a CBDC is the exact same thing as the current fiat money. A central bank controls it, and is allowed to set the terms on it. They are allowed to issue more of it. They are allowed to decide what it is good for.

They can shut down your ability to use the CBDC. They can simply block your wallet address, or they can make it so you can only spend it in certain places. They can also put a time limit on the currency, so it disappears if you don’t spend it within a certain amount of time.

So in reality, a CBDC is the opposite of Bitcoin. Far from having all the new freedoms that Bitcoin provides, it actually means that you will have way, way less freedom than you currently do with paper dollars.

It is absolutely insane that they are even so bold as to connect the concept of a CBDC to Bitcoin. The only similarity is “digital currency” – but for the most part, huge numbers of people are already on “digital currency.” Some large portion of the population receives their salary as a digital transfer to their bank, and then spends their salary with a credit or debit card. So for those people, nothing at all will change – except they will potentially have many more restrictions on how they are allowed to use their digital credits.

Every country is talking about doing this.

The Bank of England just announced that they are looking forward to a “new global financial system.”

France and Switzerland are in on it.

The US is talking about it, though because the United States is a third world shithole, they’re lagging behind.

Far from testing it, the US is just now doing hearings on the concept.

However – obviously – the US doesn’t need to develop their own technology for their own coin – they could just buy that technology off of our great ally Israel.

So, the slowness of the US implementation is unimportant.

What is important is that this is coming, and it will change things.

It is part of the Great Reset that everyone is going to get a UBI allowance from the government. This will be coins that are totally controlled by the government, which you can only spend how they want you to spend them, and which you will not be allowed to store up or use to build a business.

Small businesses will be a thing of the past – it will be a world of multinational corporations, where everything is run by a one party government that works in concert with these monopoly corporations.

Meanwhile, the people doing real business will almost certainly be operating in Bitcoin. There has to be some other system than this allowance system for the rich to transact in, and Bitcoin is just too obvious.

There are rumors that the Israeli digital shekel will be based on Ethereum.

I doubt this is the case. It’s possible they used Ethereum for a test, but the official design is going to look more like XRP.

These CBDCs are bad, bad news.

In all likelihood, the Jewnited Snakes is planning to allow hyperinflation to happen, and then they will come in with the CBDC as the solution.

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Prepare yourself accordingly.