Caturday Disinformation Meme Mania

This week, the New York Times warned that people were using cute cat images to suck people into disinformation and virulent hatred.

There is some question as to who actually penned this strange article.

But it is nonetheless a great idea.

I had never thought of this idea before, but I’m thankful to the Times for giving me this great idea.

It’s Caturday!

So today, before you get your boatload of anti-vaxer denialism and hatred for the color of the skin, I give you: a prime selection of pictures of cats:

This is what real journalists do.

They find the trends, they hit them hard, they use them to spread their extremist political propaganda.

I am a real journalist.

Now that this is out of the way, and I’ve got you hooked… prepare for the denialism and hatred.

Now that you’re hooked on those cats, I can just say it: the coronavirus is totally real, vaccines are safe and effective, the Omicron is finally going to kill everyone, Joe Biden is clear-headed and making all his own decisions, black people are just as smart and capable as white people, the Democrat Party is creating a utopia, inflation is transitory, diversity is our greatest strength, Anthony Fauci is like Jesus and all that money he got from Bill Gates is incidental, a sentient SUV ran over the Christmas parade and racists are falsely demonizing a black person, the American Heart Association is a hotbed of anti-vaxer disinformation, exercise increases heart attack risk in healthy young people, trannies are women, Russia is purposefully antagonizing NATO, gay marriage in Taiwan is a core American strategic interest, eating your own semen mixed with poop out of another man’s anus is “love,” defunding the police reduces crime, cow farts are changing the weather and the only solution is a global government to implement a global tax scheme, and Jews are kind and helpful people.

That’s all the truth. It is the absolute truth, from The Science itself.

But you won’t believe the truth… you will believe my disinformation memes. Because those cats sucked you in and you’re ready to believe all of my lies.

Check it:

Now, you hate innocent and oppressed people of color who never did nothing. After seeing that image, you are 99.98% more likely to falsely blame black people for the murderous actions of sentient vehicles.

Prepare to be disinformed at levels not seen since Andrew Anglin said the virus was just the flu and black people commit a lot of crimes.