CatboyKami: The Hero We Deserved

In our darkest hour, a hero has risen.

The world is burning. Hell has been unleashed.

But at least someone is still able to make me laugh.

Watch this.

Don’t read further before you watch it. You don’t want to spoil it.

Those brown girls are in love with him, and he says, “you know what I’m famous for? Telling people we should kill all the niggers.”

What do they say? “Yeah, I support that too, please add me.”

This is what I keep telling you about women: if you’re pathetic, weak and ugly, they’re not going to care how much you pander to them. Neo-Nazi feminists are whining about how right-wingers need to pander to women more and more, then saying bizarre nonsense about how men who don’t pander to women are weak. You prove your strength by being a little bitch, according to neo-Nazi doctrine.

Meanwhile, Aryan superman CatboyKami gets brown women to call for genocide.

The stuff this guy has been doing lately is going to get him sent to prison in Australia, and all of it is going to get deleted. So enjoy it while you can.

These are all so fantastic.

Russians compiled the above clips because no one else will. These are all from hours-long livestreams. There is more than this, but the clips keep getting deleted.

Russians have become obsessed with this guy and they’re making some great memes.

To be honest with you, Russian memes have been a lot better than Western memes for about a year now. You can read them using the camera function in Google Translate on your phone.

Here’s a thing Kami uploaded to his BitChute with edited clips. In this one, you can see that white women react along the same lines.

This one is called “George Lincoln Rockwell Speaks with Aunt Jemima.” It shows that he knows what the hell is going on, if you’re interested to see where he’s at in terms of knowing what he’s talking about. He has a long conversation with a black woman, repeatedly says the n-word, and she smiles the whole time and starts praising him.

In another situation, this bitch would have been screaming “kill whitey.” She is a high yella who is no doubt leading Black Lives Matter rallies.

Women will go along with anything a man says if they’re attracted to him.

There is more on his channel, though a lot of it is just the raw footage which contains a lot of time spent looking for people to talk to. But it’s still actually worth sitting and watching.

Someone needs to go through and get the rest of the clips though. I just want to watch this shit until the blacks start with the killing.

Thank You, Catboy

We have never had a shittier period in all of human history, and it can be difficult to manage, so it really is a great blessing to have Kami doing this for our good.

Please, understand: there is a lesson here. CatboyKami is saying everything plainly, and all these women are fascinated by him. Because he’s masculine, huge, alpha and has unflinching confidence.

Not all of us can be 6’4″ with a shovel jaw and jacked. But we should understand that this is what women respond to. They DO NOT respond to pandering, as feminist neo-Nazis claim and other cuckold “right-wing” groups claim. You will notice when observing so-called “right-wing feminists” that they are all fat, ugly people with horrible posture. As individuals, they believe their only strategy for getting women is to pander to them. That may or may not be true, I don’t know because I’ve never been a pathetic fat piece of shit.

But that absolutely does not apply to groups or politics. If you pander to women, what will happen is that they will come in and control you. They will progressively force you to take on their agenda, which is primarily to see how far they can push you. All groups that allow women entry into them as equals end up destroyed by women.

Obviously, if we are pushing a political agenda, we need women to support that agenda. But we do that with power, not pandering. If you have a political group with a bunch of guys like Kami, you’re going to have women begging to just be allowed in your presence. They won’t care what your politics are.

Women do not understand politics, or care about them, because politics deal with the larger society, and every woman on earth views herself as the center of the universe, and the only thing in the universe that matters. When women talk about right-wing politics on the internet, they do it for attention and money. When they join right-wing groups, they do it so they can manipulate the men involved. They will play men off against each other, make them jealous, make them fight, and just use whatever group they are allowed into to bring a bunch of attention on themselves.

Women are exclusively drawn to power. Being handsome and physically strong is the most immediate visible sign of power. Handsomeness in men is always denoted by things that indicate high testosterone. Read this article.

Women who support you will support your politics. That’s it. There is no woman who will not completely change every stated view on politics she has if she is getting vaginal tingles. And if there is one thing on earth that never, ever caused a woman to have vaginal tingles, it is “respect for women.” A man who openly respects women is announcing that he is low status and cannot get women without “being nice.”

People will claim that I “push women away from the movement,” and there is nothing stupider than that claim. That claim is made by pathetic, weak, beta males.

Most importantly: we do not need “women in the movement.” That’s stupid, and usually said by people who want to turn right-wing politics into a dating club, because “maybe with Nazism, I’ll finally get laid.”

What we need specifically is white women supporting our agenda, because some asshole made it legal for these stupid bitches to vote.

My agenda has always been to get men fit, strong and confident, and have women lining up around the block for the privilege to support their agenda. It’s a scientific fact that women vote based on their sexuality, just like they do everything based on their own selfish desires.

This isn’t complicated, and if you don’t understand it after having had it explained to you in such simple language, you have some kind of problem with your own masculinity, which is affecting your basic perception of the reality of the woman problem.