CatboyKami Interview with Ukrainian Shitlib YouTuber

CatboyKami did an interview with a Ukrainian shill, Volnov. It didn’t turn out great.

The first 8 minutes and 10 seconds are the liberal introducing the show in Russian, but after that it’s all English.

Catboy was ambushed and it was demanded that he explain why Russia doesn’t allow independence in the Ukraine. Catboy became the hero of the Russians. The interview presumably took place because so many Russians are fans of Kami, and the interviewer wanted to humiliate someone Russians like.

Overall though, the interviewer, who is probably Jewish and is definitely obsessed with the Jews and acts like a Jew, just pressed him on a bunch of things he didn’t know about. It’s very uncomfortable to watch in some parts, though when Kami is talking on things he knows about, he does a great job.

The Ukrainian apparently framed this as an interview when he asked Kami to come on, then he just kept pressing him on stuff about Ukraine, apparently to try to make him look stupid in front of his Russian audience. It didn’t work. He didn’t look stupid, he just looked like he didn’t know what he was talking about, which is fair enough, given that he was not told he would be asked to explain the Ukrainian conflict.

Kami made the factual statement that all military conflict between whites is prompted by Jews. The interviewer demanded that he explain how Jews caused Vladimir Putin to invade the Ukraine. Kami tried to mention something about Jews in the Russian government, which was the totally wrong answer. He should have refused to talk about the Ukraine.

The actual fact is that you will find the Jews in the Ukraine. The entire concept that the Ukraine is a country is a Jewish hoax. The 2014 revolution in the Ukraine was staged entirely by Jews, including the neocon Jew Victoria Nuland (wife of infamous neocon Jew Robert Kagan) from Obama’s State Department, who was paying people to riot. The main politicians who backed the revolution were Jewish or part Jewish. The neo-Nazi groups that overthrew the government and stormed the cops were run in part by “former” agents of the Israeli military. It was also backed by Jewish oligarchs. Immediately after the revolution, Jews were installed as both president and (probably) Prime Minster of the Ukraine. Their current president is a Jewish comedian.

This is to say: the conflict in the Ukraine is the most Jewish thing imaginable, but that doesn’t have anything to do with Russia. He had the right assumption: “all inter-European conflict is caused by Jews,” but he didn’t know the details.

I trust Kami has already looked all of this up, and is aware of the facts of the matter. He’s very smart. He’s just 22, and has only been involved with this type of information for a year or so, so he doesn’t have all of the facts. I’m sure this was a learning experience for him, and he’ll both be more discerning with who he does interviews with and be more willing to simply say that he doesn’t know the answer to a question if he doesn’t know the answer to a question.

It’s really unfortunate, because he could have just crushed this guy by listing off all of the Jews in the Ukraine and the United States that created this very unfortunate situation in the Ukraine.

It wasn’t all bad stuff. The rest of the interview, where he was talking about things he knew about, was all quite good. My criticism would be that he should become a Christian and take a harder line on Christianity (he isn’t anti-Christian, but he has some facts wrong about the history of the religion). Just for example, there is nothing in Christianity that says you shouldn’t kill Moslems that invade your country, and in fact, Christians spent over a thousand years doing exactly that.

Overall, I would only recommend the interview to hardcore fans. If you haven’t watched his streams, those are a lot better. He does say in the interview that he’s going to be streaming again soon, and we will alert you of this.