Catalonia Revisited: New Wave of Pro-Independence Protests Rock Barcelona

Roy Batty
Daily Stormer
October 19, 2019

This is already boring before it even gets started. We’ve all heard about the Catalonia thing already, and don’t want to hear anymore about it.

But here goes.


A huge crowd with Catalan flags has paralyzed central Barcelona as people from all across the region protested the harsh prison sentences for pro-independence leaders by the Spanish court and called for parting ways with Madrid.

The police estimated that at least 525,000 turned up in the center of Barcelona, local media cited law enforcement. “Independence,”“The streets will be ours” and “Freedom to political prisoners” were among the chants heard at the massive gathering.

What do these people want?

Independence from the rest of Spain? OK, well, that can make sense in a given context.

But then they want to join the EU?

How is this a real demand? What does that even mean/imply? They want autonomy from the national government only to hand over the reins to a rootless cosmopolitan clique sitting in Brussels? Is this nationalism? Is this what wanting freedom looks like?


This is all being supported by Globo-Homo because they want to undermine governments like the one in Madrid and transfer more authority to hubs of globalist subversion like Brussels.

Also, a quick reminder: the people who are protesting for Catalonia are an eclectic mix of Boomers, wahmen and leftists who view Catalonia as a holy Mecca – the only officially anarchist country to have ever existed for a brief 2-year stint during the Spanish Civil War.

The right-wingers are these guys:

They fly the Spanish flag, not the Catalonian one. And they aren’t diehard red diaper baby leftist faggots.

As night fell, some of the sites of the clashes resembled a war zone, with burning barricades, rubble everywhere and clouds of thick white smoke in the air.

The general strike kicked off in Catalonia’s capital early on Friday, with small businesses not opening and employees of bigger firms and factories skipping work. The walkout caused the cancellation of almost 60 flights at Barcelona-El Prat Airport as well as the disruption of train operations in some parts of the region. Many more flights were canceled in Barcelona in previous days as the demonstrators made the airport completely inaccessible.  

The situation quickly escalated, that’s for sure.

I think that the Madrid government did the hard but correct thing when they arrested those independence leaders two years ago.

If anything, they should have arrested more of these leaders and organizers and not half-assed it. Half-assing never works in politics, or life in general. Either go full exterminatus or don’t.

However, the robust police presence and pre-emptive deployment of right-wing Falangista squads gives me hope that this heresy will be put down as swiftly and ruthlessly as possible.

Hopefully, the neo-Inquisition sends as many snobby commie brat Barcelonians to Hell as possible.