Catalonia: 90% Vote “Yes” on Independence from Spain

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
October 2, 2017

Looks like the proto-burrito cucks got themselves in quite a jiffy here now eh?

Washington Post:

The results of a controversial and chaotic referendum in the Catalonia region of northeast Spain on Sunday showed landslide support for independence for the restive but affluent area, a lopsided vote sure to be vigorously challenged by the constitutional court and central government in Madrid as illegitimate and illegal.

According to the Catalan government, 90 percent of the ballots cast were for independence — with 2,020,144 voting yes and 176,566 no.

Minutes after the first few thousand votes were posted, the regional president and leading secessionist, Carles Puigdemont, appeared on stage to announce that Catalonia had won “the right to independence” and called on Europe to support its split from Spain.

But nothing about the vote was regular — or orderly, transparent or peaceful. Images of police beating voters in stylish, cosmopolitan Barcelona fueled a widespread perception that Europe, in particular, and the West, in general – far from cheering on the breakup of Spain – face yet more tensions and dislocation.

And it is far from clear that Catalonia is any closer to independence. The vote left the region and nation deeply divided.

What now?

Who knows?

Probably the Cats are going to go full Republican Irish. And you’re gonna see a lot more scenes of police beating hippies in the streets and so on.

The important thing here is that this is another step on the road to the total breakdown of the European project.

The Catalan independence movement says they are pro-EU, but are all of these people out in the streets with flags pro-EU? If they don’t want to be ruled by Madrid, why would they want to be ruled by Berlin and Brussels?

And why is this massive support for a nationalist movement happening just now, as the entirety of the Western system is breaking down?


Clearly, this feeds into the chaos and the chaos is good.