Catalonia Pays Millions to Companies That Pick Random Famous People and Say They’re Catalans

Daily Stormer
March 13, 2020

If only they’d put half this effort into stopping Barcelona from turning into a Moslem city…

I don’t really see this doing a lot of good for their cause.

The Guardian:

The Catalan government had paid €3m (£2.6m) in subsidies to media companies with close links to a body that claims that Shakespeare, Cervantes and Columbus – among others – were Catalan.

Núria Llorach, the president of the body that overseas TV3, the Catalan public broadcaster, also revealed that it had paid €184,000 for the rights to screen six INH documentaries.

For all that money, I hope they came up with something believable.

The programmes include claims that Spain covered up the role that Catalans played in the European discovery of the Americas, that Miguel de Cervantes, author of Don Quixote, wrote in Catalan and had his true identity disguised by the Spanish Inquisition, and that Leonardo da Vinci was Catalan.

The Cervantes documentary claims that the giant of Spanish literature was in fact Joan Miquel Sirvent, a Catalan from Alicante in south-east Spain – nowhere near Don Quixote’s La Mancha – and that “Cervantes” and Shakespeare were one and the same person. Among author Miquel Izquierdo’s abstruse arguments is that will, seré in Catalan, and am, soy, together mean “I will be and am”. According to Izquierdo, “from here it’s clear” that it refers to Sirvent.


That’s the best they’ve got?

What about all the other people and places named Cervantes, were those crypto-Catalanonian somehow too?

And why would the Inquisition care about this in the first place?

Wasn’t their main purpose to patrol thots and Jews and Moslems?

Why would they care about whether the author of some book was a Spaniard or a Catalan?

The institute, which was founded in 2007, has produced books and documentaries that support the theory that Columbus was Catalan and that Erasmus of Rotterdam was his love child. The explorer Francisco Pizarro, who is generally believed to have started life as a swineherd in Extremadura in western Spain, has also been recruited to the Catalan pantheon, as has Saint Teresa of Ávila, the Christian mystic descended from Jewish conversos.

Mainstream Spanish historians despair at the attention given to these theories by otherwise respectable media.

Vicent Baydal, a history of law professor in Valencia and the co-author of Pseudo History Against Catalunya, said the people behind the institute “are not even [academic] historians, they’re people who have no idea, who don’t understand historical methodology and don’t even know how to look for or read historical documents”.

Gabriel Rufián, the spokesman for the pro-independence Catalan Left party, urged the region’s government to stop funding the INH last year. “No pseudoscience or pseudo-history should be funded with public money,” he said. “It only serves those who wish to portray us as small, ridiculous and angry losers.”

Yeah, this is total cringe, to be honest, and makes you all look like a bunch of morons.

Instead of doing black style revisionism, you’d be better off doing it like Jews do, which is to basically find one of your kind that did something, anything, and then give him a disproportionate amount of media attention.

Every time a Jew farts, within 48 hours an article appears on the internet about “The Secret Jewish History of Beans” or something along the lines of that.

Seriously, just type in “secret Jewish history of” and then put in words at random, you’ll get a hit almost every time.

Catalans don’t control the global media like Jews do, but they do control the media in Catalonia itself, and this kind of propaganda is presumably aimed at their own kind first, so that should be enough.

Though if I were in charge of Catalonia, I’d probably be more concerned about Catalans getting flooded with Moslems and Africans, but what do I know?