Catalan Leader Flees to Brussels Seeking Asylum as Sedition Charges Loom!

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
October 30, 2017

So this guy is like “yo, you all go out and get beaten by the Combine cops – I gotta go do a thing.”

And flees the country.

This is why you don’t put beta males in charge of revolutions, people.

We need a “Virgin Catalan Hippie” vs. “Chad Spanish National Police” meme.


Former Catalan leader Carles Puigdemont has appeared in Brussels alongside other members of his cabinet as the Spanish Attorney General Jose Manuel Maza filed a lawsuit against the secessionist leaders over their push for independence.

Puigdemont did not go to the Catalonian regional Government Palace on Monday, even though he earlier vowed to “continue working to build a free country” in defiance of Madrid’s decision to sack his government and suspend Catalonia’s independence, which he said went against the will of the people.

On Monday morning, he posted a photo of the Catalan parliamentary palace, but did not appear there. Later, the Catalan media reported that the sacked regional leader turned up in Brussels alongside with some other members of his cabinet.

The Spanish authorities soon confirmed that Puigdemont had indeed traveled to the Belgian capital. The Catalan government’s press service, on the contrary, said it has no information about his whereabouts and added that it “knows nothing about the president [of the Generalitat of Catalonia] at the moment,” as reported by TASS.

Puigdemont left Spain for Belgium at a time when the Spanish Prosecutor’s Office announced that it had filed a lawsuit against the sacked Catalan leader, other members of his cabinet and some regional MPs on rebellion, sedition and embezzlement charges with the Spanish National Court. In total, the charges have been filed against 12 people, La Vanguardia reports.

Catalonia’s El Periodico newspaper reported that Puigdemont allegedly traveled to Brussels to meet with Flemish politicians. Two days ago Flanders, the Dutch-speaking region of Belgium, expressed its solidarity with the Catalans in their drive for independence.

Belgian Immigration Minister Theo Francken did not rule out granting asylum to Puigdemont if he applies. The minister called such an outcome “not unrealistic” on Sunday.

His statement, however, provoked a backlash from Belgian Prime Minister Charles Michel, who said that giving political asylum to Puigdemont is “absolutely not on the agenda.” He also urged Francken “not to fan the flames.”

So there’s maybe a way to frame this as not cowardly. But it would be hard.

You could say that he’s going to claim asylum and then declare himself “government in exile.”

But the fact of the matter is, he would be better off going to prison for the cause. He can’t really do anything from Brussels, other than whine, and fleeing instead of making his case to the nation he looks like a coward to his own people who will lose faith.

They would probably only put him in jail for a couple years, and he could write a book and get out to resume the struggle.

The thing is – I don’t think he or anyone else really feel that strongly about this whole independence thing. I don’t even know what their grievances are, and I’ve been paying attention.

I think Puigdemont is legit only doing this because he got beat up in high school.

Twerp nationalism lol.