Cassandra Fairbanks at The Gateway Pundit Shills Donations for FBI Informant Who Helped Stage 1/6 Hoax

Enrique Tarrio, the head of the Proud Boys, was exposed way back in January as a long-time FBI informant. Given what we are now seeing with regards to the large scale FBI involvement in staging the 1/6 hoax – and the fact that the Proud Boys are at the center of that – it is clear that Tarrio was a key figure in this entire sham.

The Proud Boys, along with the Oath Keepers (which has also been exposed as being run by feds), were the most prominent agitators at the otherwise peaceful protest. Just as an example: while the police were opening up the doors for people to walk into the Capitol building, the Proud Boys were breaking out windows.

That main image that everyone saw nonstop of the windows being broken out when the media was calling this “an attack” was Proud Boy Dominic Pezzola, who brought a Proud Boys riot shield to the event.

Many of the Proud Boys brought these shields and are being charged for other acts of actual violence.

This was some of the only “violence” that took place at the event.

Joe Biggs, another prominent member of the Proud Boys, has also been exposed as an FBI informant by his defense attorney. He’s trying to use the old “but I’m working for you!” defense for charges related to January 6.

Tarrio himself was not at the event. He had been banned from entering Washington by a federal judge on January 5 (something that I’ve not ever heard of before), presumably because the FBI knew what was going to happen and did not want it coming out in court documents that he is an informant. Despite the fact that Tarrio was the leader of the group, and was headed to Washington ostensibly to lead the march on the Capitol with his boys, he is not facing any charges relating to the event, while four other members of the group are charged with criminal conspiracy.

The court documents showing Tarrio’s history working for the FBI were published later in January by the AP.

(Note that the rank and file of the organization probably didn’t know what what was going on, but they were being trained as a paramilitary group to be used for staging this kind of psychological operation.)

You would think that any functional political movement would immediately purge anyone who was proven to be linked to the FBI, no?

Well, it turns out the current MAGA movement is just as fond of FBI informants as the old Alt-Right.

This is up right now on The Gateway Pundit:

The article claims that the fed Tarrio was banned from his bank accounts. Maybe that is news in some form, but this is an outright shill article – it goes on to shill Bitcoin donations for him – literally inserting a QR code so readers can send him money!

I read halfway down the page in shock, and then thought “someone should contact Cassandra Fairbanks about this.” I knew she worked at TGP and have also considered her one of the only women in the right that is reliably useful. I thought: “maybe she can get this addressed.” Then I scrolled up the page to find her name in the byline!

Cassandra Fairbanks is defending this fed who helped set up the 1/6 boondoggle and is promoting donations to him!


We are in the middle of this public discussion about the FBI involvement in the hoax, thanks to Tucker Carlson and Darren Beattie, and people on the right are shilling one of the key FBI informants involved???

Beattie just wrote a big piece about Stuart Rhodes, who is the leader of the Oath Keepers, the other main group agitating on 1/6.

I think I am not alone in assuming that his next article on the topic is going to be about Tarrio, who transformed Gavin McInnes’ fun times drinking club into a paramilitary street-fighting organization, which was then deployed for this “insurrection” hoax. Court documents show that Tarrio was working as basically an undercover agent, infiltrating various different groups, over a period of years before joining the Proud Boys.

McInnes was run out of the organization after being hounded by the feds because the Proud Boys got in one single fight, defending themselves from Antifa who ambushed them on the street. Under Tarrio, the Proud Boys were given free rein to go out on the street in paramilitary gear and fight on the streets – even in liberal cities like Portland – virtually without impediment. Under Tarrio, the FBI was preparing this group for exactly what we saw on January 6.

What is Cassandra doing???

Just as a note: this story might not even be true. The article contains a supposed letter from his bank saying he’s being dropped.

However, it doesn’t take a genius to fake that letter. And remember: in April of 2020, Tarrio also claimed to have been “debanked” and shilled donations at the time. The first time it was Chase and this is Capital One, but in my personal experience, when you get banned from something, you’re banned from an entire industry.

But that isn’t the point.

The point is: what kind of political movement refuses to expel and then goes on to celebrate people who are confirmed to have been government infiltrators trying to bring down the movement?

The Alt-Right did this big time, which resulted in it becoming a laughing stock that destroyed untold numbers of lives. But I had thought both that the Alt-Right had a unique character that created that situation. Furthermore, I thought the current itineration of the American dissident right would be able to learn from a totally failed movement from just a few years back.

But apparently, everyone in the American right will just ignore it when someone is exposed as an FBI infiltrator, and just keep going as if they never were exposed as such. It is actually pathological. I’m not really even able to understand what is going on. It was absolutely shocking to me during the Alt-Right days that people were exposed definitively as being in active communication with the FBI, or working with people who were self-admitted informants, and that people just pretended this didn’t happen.

I still have people come at me personally saying that it was bad for me to not accept FBI informants, and that I am a bad person for being against them, because they are nice people who believe in the cause.

That appears to be the only possible underlying explanation here: people become friends with the informants, or otherwise like them personally (from listening to them on podcasts or livestream and thereby simulating friendship), and then it just somehow doesn’t register in their brains when it comes out that the person is a literal infiltrator.

What’s more – I’m not seeing people coming at Cassandra over this. The article was just posted a few hours ago at time of writing, but I’ve checked a few channels (including the Twitter replies), and haven’t seen a backlash.

Do people just not know that these court documents came out showing that Tarrio was an informant? Is that the charitable take here? Imagine being the FBI: “our guy got burned – oh no, wait, actually, these retards don’t even care he’s working for us, LOL.”

Understand me: there is nothing in the world more serious than this. You simply cannot allow people in your political movement to be involved with the FBI. It is 100% nonviable. You have to expel FBI-linked people, you have to expel people who defend FBI-linked people. That is the very most basic thing that any political movement must do, and if a political movement cannot do that, it is a joke and it will do nothing but chew up and spit out anyone who gets involved in it.

Again, I can say it six million more times: the Alt-Right became a meat-grinder, destroying the lives of everyone linked to it. Every day, I ask God to forgive me for my involvement in the Alt-Right, and for not seeing sooner what was going on with all of these freaks who had somehow wiggled their way into the position of being the public face of the movement.

If you can’t separate your personal friendships from your political movement, you need to be in a knitting club, not a political movement.

Cassandra Fairbanks and The Gateway Pundit should be asked what exactly they are trying to do by promoting this FBI informant and shilling money for them. If they do not back away from this, you have to consider them hostile agents. There is no other way to do this. Nothing about this is personal. There is simply no reality in which any political movement can survive while tolerating known FBI informants.

People get what they deserve.

This is not a game.