Casino Jew Steve Wynn Forced Grandma to Have Sex with Him

Adrian Sol
Daily Stormer
Febuary 6, 2017

When I imagine a granny-grabber, this is exactly the image that pops up.

Hard-core anti-Semites are kicking this poor Jew while he’s down, yet again under the guise of “Metoo-ism.” Sure, if one or two Jews got caught fondling shiksas, that would be one thing.

But 75%? That’s just ridiculous, considering that Jews are just 2% of the population.

The only rational explanation is a anti-Semitic conspiracy to oust Jewish men from positions of power.

I mean, it’s not like Jews are all deranged sex perverts, right?


Review Journal:

Billionaire casino developer Steve Wynn faced allegations of pressuring a waitress into sex about 30 years ago, allegedly telling his employee he had “never had a grandmother before” and wanted “to see how it feels,” according to a court document and interviews with multiple sources.

Steve Wynn’s birth name is “Weinberg.”

Instead of changing his Jew name, Steve’s father should have changed their goblin-esque facial features.

Changing your name won’t do you any good, Brogkaal.

Wynn, the CEO of Wynn Resorts, was accused of sexual misconduct by several employees in a Wall Street Journal story published last month. Wynn has denied the allegations in the Journal report, which claims Wynn pressured a manicurist into sex and later paid her a $7.5 million settlement.

We already covered those initial accusations, which were embarrassing enough. But this is a whole ‘nother level.

We’re talking about accusations that he was banging a granny against her will to fulfill his sick Jewish perversions, here.

A previously undisclosed court filing details additional allegations against Wynn at the time he ran The Mirage. These claims are being reported here for the first time. The allegations were the subject of a Review-Journal article that was written in 1998, but the newspaper ordered the report not be published.

The grandmother, who is now 75, spoke with the Review-Journal last week on the condition that her name not be used. At the time she worked at The Mirage, she was a single mother supporting eight children. Her supervisor told her she had to meet Wynn’s demands to keep her job, according to her account and a sworn statement by Wiggins.

A single mother with eight children? Was this woman even White?

Not only was Weinberg molesting a granny, he was probably into weird jungle creatures as well.


There is no depth to which Jews won’t sink.

Metoo-ism might single-handedly bring us two wonderful results: a reversal of the sexual revolution, and a purging of Jews from their positions of influence in the media and corporate establishment.

Truly a gift that keeps on giving.