Carter Page Pressed on CIA Links and Says a Jew Invited Him to Speak in Russia

Lee Rogers
Daily Stormer
July 28, 2018

Carter Page is a very shady individual. He was in Navy intelligence, did work at the Council on Foreign Relations, conveniently did lots of business in Russia and likes wearing goofy ass hats.

Several days ago, I wrote a piece asking if Carter Page was an asset of the Central Intelligence Agency. Page as many of you know has been a central figure in this conspiracy to frame Donald Trump as a Russian intelligence asset. Page was a former adviser to the Trump campaign who had an extensive business history in Russia. The FBI used the fake #pissgate dossier financed by Hillary Clinton and manufactured by Christopher Steele as the primary piece of evidence to request a warrant from the secret FISA court. This was effectively used to spy on Page and by proxy the Trump campaign.

Page interview begins at 14:35.

What’s interesting is that just a few days after writing my piece, Page appeared on Sean Hannity’s show for an interview. Hannity specifically pressed him on if he had ever worked for American intelligence. Page’s answers were cryptic. He admitted to having some type of communications with American intelligence and would not flat out deny being an asset. As in previous interviews, he came off as an untrustworthy individual who appears to be hiding many secrets.

One of the more interesting things he talked about was how in 2016, he was invited to speak in Russia by a Jew named Shlomo Weber. He delivered his speech while he was still advising the Trump campaign. This was already public information but it seems to be a lesser known fact that not many people have zeroed in on.

In 2016, the Jew Shlomo Weber invited Carter Page to speak in Moscow. This event allowed Christopher Steele to manufacture some of the garbage that ended up in the #pissgate dossier.

Weber is a Jew academic who works at the New Economic School in Moscow, Russia. He previously spent a great deal of time in Israel and earned his PhD at Hebrew University. He also somehow has both American and Canadian citizenship. These facts alone raise a number of alarm bells. It would not be a surprise if he was connected to the Israeli Mossad.

And check out how Page’s speech was described when it took place.

ABC News:

Page’s visit itself was perhaps more notable than the content of his speech. It was unclear why Page, a relatively little-known analyst, had been invited suddenly to speak at the same event offered to the serving U.S. president. Interest in Page’s trip was high among Russian media, which was in large attendance at the event.

Shlomo Weber, the director of the New Economic School, said he could not remember if he had invited Page before or after he was appointed adviser to Trump. Weber said he hoped Page would “broaden his students’ horizons.”

“Being Trump’s adviser certainly doesn’t disqualify him,” from speaking, Weber said.

There was also speculation that Page might meet with officials from the Russian government during his visit. Asked at the event directly whether he would meet with officials from Putin’s presidential administration and the foreign ministry, Page laughed and refused to answer.

So long story short, Page was hastily and curiously invited to speak at a high profile event in Russia by a Jew who spent a significant part of his life in Israel. Page’s speaking engagement was then referenced within the #pissgate dossier. The speech allowed Steele to claim that Page had met with various Russian government officials while he was in Moscow. And this was a big part of what the FBI used to request the warrant to spy on Page and by proxy the Trump campaign as a whole.

I would say that all of this makes the theories about Page being a CIA asset planted inside the Trump campaign even more credible. It certainly helps explain why he hasn’t been arrested and why he keeps talking to the media. And of course, it also shows more Jewish involvement in this Trump-Russia hoax circus.

I’m sure many of you are sick of this story, but it’s important we cover this because it’s still the main narrative the Jews are using to try and bring down Trump. The fact that Hannity pressed Page on being a CIA asset is reason enough for us to continue covering it. Our ideas and views are filtering into mainstream circles faster than ever. I doubt Hannity would have asked Page if he was an asset of American intelligence if we weren’t actively talking about this as a possibility.