Caroline Fourest: “The Double Life of Tariq Ramadan”

Diversity Macht Frei
October 27, 2017

This is a follow-up to the post (link) I made last week about the rape accusations made against Tariq Ramadan.

The author of this article is Caroline Fourest, a well-known Leftist and lesbian activist in France. Unlike most Leftists, however, she has been consistently critical of Mohammedanism and specifically of Tariq Ramadan, with whom she engaged in a highly publicised television debate years ago. She also wrote a critical book about him called Frère Tariq [Brother Tariq].

It took years for me to demonstrate Tariq Ramadan’s double discourse.

Since 2009, I have known that he was also leading a double life, in contrast to his many sermons on the “Islamic conception of sexuality”. However, I couldn’t write it. The most serious facts cannot be revealed without solid proof, without a victim filing charges. Others, although revelatory of a pathology that was as hypocritical as it was misogynist, were matters of his private life. I had enough evidence to demonstrate the duplicity of Tariq Ramadan without going there. But I told followers and even lieutenants of Ramadan. Nothing happened.

The groupies of the preacher continued to cite him to recall that sexual relations outside of marriage were haram. I smiled while listening to his puritanical sermons on temptation and the duty of chastity. Like the cassette* on “the great sins”, where he became angry at men who dared to bathe in mixed pools: “You go there and of course you will be attracted!” In this sermon, he encourages his flock to “fight” for “places that are healthy”, meaning non-mixed swimming pools. The tone of these cassettes is not that of the civilised Tariq Ramadan of the television shows, but that of a preacher obsessed with sexuality. Which reveals an even more personal neurosis.

In the case of Tariq Ramadan, it seems that we are faced with behaviour worthy of Harvey Weinstein, perhaps more violent. If I write this phrase today, although I know it might cost me a court hearing from the party concerned, it is because a woman, Henda Ayari, had the courage to file a complaint for rape, sexual assault, harassment and intimidation. Of course Tariq Ramadan denies it and is going to attack her. On the social networks, one of his faithful lieutenants already sees in it an “international Zionist” plot. His fans accuse the victim, a repentant Salafist, of lying and wanting publicity (desirable as everyone knows). I haven’t met her. But what I can testify to is that her story, precise and terrifying, bears a very strong resemble to that of four other women I met.

It was in 2009, on the eve of my famous debate against Tariq Ramadan with Frédéric Taddeï. The press had announced it. A first woman contact me to tell me of what she had experienced. I was mistrustful. False testimony to throw me off? With Tariq Ramadan, you need to expect everything. In the beginning, I didn’t respond. Her writing became precise. To have a clear conscience, I finally met her. She showed me some enlightening SMS and photos. She also put me in contact with other girls. All had experienced exactly the same thing. A request for religious advice that transformed into a compulsive sexual relationship, sometimes consenting, often violent and very humiliating, before ending in threats. One of them had been treated in a way that could have been the subject of criminal charges. I introduced her to a judge. But she was too afraid of Tariq Ramadan. She thought she was being followed. She was clearly too fragile to go on. My conscience refused to allow me to push her on a path from which I feared she might emerge torn to shreds. I am in a good position to know the violence of the Muslim Brotherhood networks when you go up against “Brother Tariq”.  I know the moralists like to laugh about how “everyone knew and didn’t say anything”. They have no idea about the tornado that would have descended on this young woman if she had broken the omerta at the time. Now that Henda Ayari has had this courage, it’s different. My duty is to invite all those who can to testify. In the press or at his trial. We cannot abandon her, on her own, against the mob.


*Tariq Ramadan sells sermons on cassette tapes, which Muslims listen to all over Europe.