Carl of Swindon Wastes Half an Hour Debating Obese White Slag; Doesn’t Rape Her

Roy Batty
Daily Stormer
April 23, 2019

Sargon of Akkad pictured beating a woman he is preparing to rape at a recent political rally.

UKIP candidate Sargon of Akkad was running on a platform of raping slags into submission.

However, I watched all 30 minutes of Carl getting berated by this irate old slag and not once did he give her a bit of the ol’ in-out, in-out to shut her up.

This is contrary to what I was promised by Carl and I am considering retracting my vote.

Getting yelled at by a fat chick with an annoying accent is bad optics. 

It’s one thing to have a dumb bimbo come by, shriek a few things and flash the camera with her tits.

That’s great optics.

But no man can watch this video of Sargon be berated like a little bitch without cringing.

It reminds us all of “discussions” we’ve had with insane women in our lives that we wish we were never forced to have. Nagging mothers, nagging girlfriends, nagging wives, and nagging female bosses. All of them just bags of hormones and emotional wrecks.

None of these debates and arguments and discussions should ever even come to pass. 

There is literally no reason to ever debate a woman. First and foremost, scientists all agree that women have smaller brains and no dick which means they don’t understand what logic is and so, by any definition, you cannot “debate” them, you can only discipline them or get nagged to death by them.

Regardless of his pro-rape stance, Sargon seems to have failed to internalize this eternal truth. 

Which is strange, considering how powerful his raw intellect is.

In the video, he was trying to do the Crowder-style “debate me at this table” thing as a campaign stunt for his run for office in the district of Swindon, and while I commend his energy and willingness to put himself out there, it was cringy, and a sane man can only listen to a fat cunt slag off for so long before not raping her.

Near the end of the debate, Carl gets the fat bitch to admit that she’s for discrimination against White people because Brown people deserve their turn at the special treatment trough. That really should have been the end of the debate right there, because his point had been proved, but it wasn’t. Carl went on to call her a Nazi and apologized for the central plank in his campaign platform: raping mouthy slags into submission.

The rest of the UKIP platform still holds strong tho:

A man came up to debate Carl afterward. They had a very amicable and civilized (if boring) chat. Carl didn’t have to threaten this man with rape to get him to behave.

Although, I personally would have hired a nigger to rape that man raw the minute that he said, “oh, you mean those Polish rape gangs?” when Carl brought up Rotherham and the grooming gangs all over the UK.

The Eternal Anglo’s first impulse is to just always, always, always blame the Slavs, isn’t it?


Once we get these bitches out of the public square, we can go back to having civilized debates and come to reasonable solutions to our problems.

But not before.