Carl Man-Handles Jew Journalist Smear Merchant; Doesn’t Rape Him Though

Roy Batty
Daily Stormer
April 25, 2019

UKIP candidate for Parliament Sargon of Akkad had a chat with a smear merchant this week as part of his public listening session tour (this had been billed as a rape tour, and to much disappointment, isn’t that).

BTW: I intend to provide rolling up to date coverage of Sargon of Swindon’s scorched-earth campaign… if the mood suits me that is (need to check in on BoomerWatch as well, now that I think about it.)


This fella turned out to be a Jew pulling the ol’ “fellow White people” technique. Nothing new, really.

But the encounter would prove itself to be life-changing for Carl… even if he didn’t know it at the time.

One moment he was White, the next, he was a privileged Chosenite who was crying out as he called for more censorship of his racial enemies. Not only that, but as luck would have it, it turns out that this concerned member of the public who came out to debate Carl was actually a journalist as well. A Jewnalist, if you prefer.

The Jewnalist claimed that he himself was a victim of two hate crimes, but that he didn’t want to report them because he had a test coming up that he was studying for. As would be reasonably expected, Sargon was seething and champing at the bit to get into his tried and true “debate ’em, then rape ’em” method, but he settled for saying that journalists were to blame for causing the hate crime hoax spike in the UK. The Jewnalist didn’t like that answer one bit and kept to his position that people who are mean to Jews or Journalists need to be jailed.

And there was some other stuff that was discussed as well, I suppose…

But let’s get down to brass tacks here.

To those keeping count at home, Sargon has raped literally zero people during his campaign (that we know of) and I’m starting to have doubts that he may not be the man that Swindon needs in high office. Instead, he has spent all his time talking to slags, fags and kikes on the street.

Which… folks, I’m really going to need you to gather ’round here and pay close attention for a sec.


Let me let you in on a little secret here: you don’t need to run for Parliament to do street listening sessions. Hell, even I can go out into the street and chat up dozens of useless people, and I’m not even the Fuhrer of the Liberalistismists State in Britain and the Levant.

I wouldn’t do this because I value my time, but clearly, Carl does not.

The only thing that these street talks are proving is that only White men with right of center political leanings believe in freedom of speech. Everyone else is for censorship.



Moving on.

Kiss some babies at least, Carl. You’d have more luck getting the baby to like you than these street scum you spend hours “debating” with. This is going nowhere and your voters are getting restless.

Go get your dick out and get to work already.