Caribbean Alliance Collapses as Cortez Refuses to Cooperate with Cruz to Help Reddit

Caribbean styles: Comrade Cortez sports Louis Vuitton whilst madcap and zany Corpo Cruz sports a beard where he lets the hairs on his neck grow out long until the point they start curling up whilst keeping his cheeks trimmed.

Everything is about GameStop Gains. Yesterday, I wanted to write about it, and instead had to write 6,000 words between Ricky Vaughn’s meme indictment and the leader of Proud Boys being a fed.

This morning, I was kind of bored of it, actually. There’s all these dynamics going on which should be permanently interesting, what with “middle class gutted,” “kids with no future,” and “Jewish banksters getting looted,” and I’m sitting here thinking to myself: “everyone is talking about this, I don’t really want to talk about it, people can go look at any other website and read about it.”

It’s just turning into this whole thing that’s obviously going to get spun into all this fake bullshit. In a few minutes, we’re going to be told that r/WallStreetBets (RWSB) is now marching through the streets in either neo-Nazi costumes or Guy Fawkes masks.

However, then the Caribbeans entered the scene, and I was interested again.

That’s probably the funniest thing I’ve seen on Twitter in a while. Not so much because of Comrade Cortez’ sick burn (although it is hilarious that she’s apparently suggesting he tried to have her assassinated, and both she and her audience likely believe that, which is very funny), but the fact that she is throwing out sick burns, and this is now apparently normal behavior of government officials on the internet.

The background, for anyone who doesn’t know and yet cares to know, is that Robinhood (named after a character we recently discussed on this website) is the main trading app that r/WallStreetBets was using to buy GameStop stock, and the app, presumably because it is owned by Jews, stopped people from being allowed to buy that stock in order to stop these racist neo-Nazi Russian anime masturbators from looting Jew hedge funds.

This is not really a new form of censorship, actually. Bank accounts have been getting shut down for years now because people denied the Holocaust or whatever. PayPal can argue that it’s not a bank, but it actually obviously is, and I was banned from there all the way back in 2013.

Banning people from financial services for speech that Jews don’t like isn’t actually any different than banning people from financial services for stock trading behavior that Jews don’t like. Making the claim that it is qualitatively different just amounts to lying or blatant moronism.

The actual reason for banning people from financial services before wasn’t anything that they specifically said; the bans came because of their supposed identities: racist neo-Nazi Russian anime masturbators. They are saying the same thing about the people on reddit, so it is literally the exact same thing.

You don’t actually have to be the thing they call you. I am not a neo-Nazi, I’m not Russian and the only time I’ve ever masturbated to anime was a cinematic scene in Final Fantasy XII featuring Tifa. And there is a lot of argument as to whether or not Final Fantasy qualifies as “anime.”

However, if they call you that, it means they’re allowed to shut you down and take everything from you. They don’t have to prove that you are that thing, or even explain what the thing actually even is, or prove it exists: the only qualification is that they call you that.

Anyway, this whole Wall Street thing has been a big issue for a long time, and both left and right typically dislike the fact that “rich white guys” (who are actually all Jewish) collude with “rich white guys” (also actually Jews) in the government to rip everyone off through this stock market swindle. Due to collective disdain for what could accurately be titled “anti-social Jewish group behavior,” but which is instead called “the 1%” or something, both Republicans and Democrats are jumping on this #GameStopperGate thing. The reason they are both able to do this is that there isn’t any face to the reddit mob.

The media will soon find a face and start attaching all kinds of other things to it for whatever their purposes are. It could either be positive or negative, whichever they choose. That is how the media (really the intelligence agencies, frankly) deal with these things. They tag and label them, attach faces to them, then use them to manipulate society. So, it could either be a Richard Spencer or a Greta Thunberg that comes out of RWSB. Then, there won’t be any agreement by the Caribbeans.

Remember: whenever anything happens, the media always pulls out some random weirdo from somewhere, and twists it into some kind of a grotesque spectacle.

But right now, both Cruz and Cortez are smart enough to see that the “American people” (insofar as such a term means anything anymore) generally tend to want to side with the internet over Criminal Jew Bankers. Cruz is taking a page out of Josh Hawley’s playbook and noting that most Republicans really don’t like Libertarianism as much as they used to.

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The fact that something that should be so easy to agree on turns into “EPIC takedown by the spicy Caribbean of the old boring Caribbean” is the funny part. The only thing that would have been funnier is if their exchange had been in Spanish, which is both of these people’s first language (you don’t hear that very often about Ted Cruz for some reason though, huh?).

I’ve given up on trying to win anything. Now I just want everything to be as silly as possible. Also, I don’t know how much you guys have watched Mexican soap operas, but they’re really exciting and good.

Whether or not I am entertained is now officially my only measure of whether or not I’m winning.

But if it’s the salvation of the Aryan race that you’re concerned about, or just managing boredom, the fact that AOC is the standard-bearer of the Democrat Party is good.

Weighing in on Comrade Cortez Porno

I want to just voice agreement with those who have stated that AOC is running out of time to record a porno, but that if she charged ten dollars a pop and streamed it as a live event, she could pay for the coronavirus vaccine for all poor people.

I think journalists need to press her harder on why she refuses to livestream a porno film to make profits to get vaccines to people of color, as it seems pretty racist.

The fact is, she’s not getting any skinnier, and she’s not getting any less saggy, and people are dying out there by the millions from this doomsday plague.