Caravan Reaches Mexico City, 100 Get Kidnapped By Los Zetas – Thanks Guys!

Octavio Rivera
Daily Stormer
November 7, 2018

They’re coming.

USA Today:

Central Americans walking and hitching rides north in a caravan started reaching Mexico City over the weekend, marking another milestone on their winding odyssey toward the U.S. border as Americans vote in an election in which the immigrants became central characters.

Don’t worry though, they’re totally peaceful.

As the impoverished refugees violently force their way into Mexico to flee violence and poverty, beautiful barbed wire is laid down in anticipation of weaponized rock throwing.

But, suddenly…


The Independent:

Around 100 members of a refugee and migrant caravan travelling towards the US have reportedly fallen victim to organised crime as they moved through Mexico.

Thousands streamed into Mexico City on Monday to seek shelter in a sports stadium on the eve of the US midterm elections in which Donald Trump has repeatedly warned about the advancing caravan and ordered thousands of troops to the border.

But around 100 members, including children, did not arrive in Mexico City because they were kidnapped along the route and handed to organised crime groups, Arturo Peimbert, ombudsman for the human rights commission in Oaxaca, told HuffPost Mexico.

Mr Peimbert said they were kidnapped in the state of Puebla as they attempted to reach the capital from Veracruz.

He said the federal government had put “strong pressure” on transport companies along the caravan route not to pick up the migrants, forcing them to walk through an area he said was “the largest grave in the country, where hundreds of people have disappeared”.

The Los Zetas cartel was likely to be behind the disappearances, he added.


I was worried about some sort of bad optics confrontation between these migrants and American military or militia groups. Los Zetas, on the other hand, seems free to just do whatever to them.

Here’s an out of the box idea:

Why not just pay the cartels to patrol the border?

You’re saying we should pay Mexico to kill itself?


They’d do it, too.

I don’t understand why the cartels aren’t being drone-striked to death, since they’re bringing drugs and crime. This should be the first priority of American military force beyond her borders, since they’re hurting America and they’re in range.

However, if they want to surrender, we need to offer them an alternative. If they want to live, they need to re-purpose their business, and start hunting other Mexicans for us. We could just give them a bounty for every dead Mexican along the border demilitarized zone.

Mexico already has a large and efficient Mexican-killing industrial complex, and if we ever want to permanently solve the Mexican problem, we’ll need to mobilize it.

Otherwise, they’ll just keep on coming.