Caravan Now Dropping Bean Children Bio-Weapons From the Border

Octavio Rivera
Daily Stormer
December 5, 2018

This is an assault on America using weaponized spic babies.


A Yuma Sector Border Patrol camera operator observed a suspected human smuggler dropping two small children from the top of an 18-foot border wall. At least one of the children suffered an injury from the drop.

They dropped bio-weapons on American soil.

They hold on to grudges for life.

Border Patrol officials said, in a written statement, that the person seen dropping the migrants from the top of the wall fled back into Mexico after he finished. He was not apprehended.

Don’t worry. He’ll be back soon.

Border Patrol officials noted that one of the children suffered a facial injury during the fall. An agent treated the injury at the scene.


Not even an hour in and these orcs are already receiving American gibs.

If anyone needed more convincing that this is war after the invaders attacked the US border, this is it. They’re now engaging in DNA terrorism by dropping highly corrosive lifeforms in American soil.

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