Caravan II: Second Blob of Genetic Waste Goops Together in Guatemala, Headed for the Land of Free Everything

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
October 24, 2018

Caravan II is 1000-strong. At least.

The kikes are attempting to do to us exactly what they did to Europe in 2015.

They are agitating and propagandizing, getting together groups of these “people,” sending them in waves. Eventually, if not shut down, it will be a solid flow – a military marching in to take everything we have.

The only way to stop this is with force.

As the Neo-Nazi gang-leader Gavin McInnes famously said:

We need the military on the border, and we need it NOW.


A group of over a thousand Central Americans in Guatemala headed toward the Mexican border on Tuesday, as a larger caravan of migrants that has angered U.S. President Donald Trump paused in southern Mexico on its planned journey toward the U.S. border.

Trump has vowed to begin cutting millions of dollars in aid to Central America and called the caravan in Mexico a national emergency as he seeks to boost his Republican Party’s chances in the Nov. 6 congressional elections.

In neighboring Guatemala, a separate group of least 1,000 migrants, also mostly Hondurans, headed out slowly on foot from the eastern town of Chiquimula, a Reuters witness said. Some local media put the number in the column above 2,000.

We know this won’t end in a few days, and will be a long progress of migration,” said Mauro Verzeletti, director of the Casa del Migrante, a migrant shelter in Guatemala City.

He said that the shelter had attended to more than 11,000 migrants in the past week.

Other caravans are expected to set out from Central America in coming days, encouraged by reports that it is a safer way for migrants to undertake the perilous journey north.

So look: they are just saying it, openly. This is a long-term plan to flood the United States with these sickening, bloodsucking parasites.

And the only argument from the kike media is the same goddamn thing it’s been since 2015: “it’s sad because they’re poor, and if you don’t care about the fact that they are poor and agree to allow infinite numbers of them to march into your country to live in welfare, you are a mean person. And mean people are evil.”

Gone are the days of “doing jobs Americans don’t want to do” and “contributing to the economy.” This is just outright “you have to give these brown people welfare forever because otherwise it’s sad.”

This is insane.

These people have no fucking right.



We need the military forward-deployed into Mexico, at the very least.

In all honesty, we should be drone-striking these “people.”

Because who gives a shit? I don’t care if these kids get blown up. Do you? If you do then why? These are dumb animals, nothing any of them do will ever matter.

Look at this filth:

Now explain to me what the purpose of them being alive is.

The only explanation is: “they deserve to live because they are alive” – the same argument could be applied to cockroaches, mosquitoes and diseased rats.

Best case, they get some shit job and drive down our wages, worst case they rape and murder. Given that they’re from the home of MS-13, there is certainly going to be a lot of rape and murder – and probably not that much cheap labor. These Aztecs are much worse welfare-suckers than their mestizo cousins.

As far as killing brown children in drone strikes – Obama did this to how many people in Pakistan? Did anyone give a shit about that? No one in a Pakistani cave was going to come live on welfare or commit murder and rape in America. No one even understood why he was bombing all those people.

What about the 13 million people – mostly children – on the verge of starvation in Yemen, which the US is supporting through it’s military and financial support of the Saudi terror regime?

Look, I don’t care about Paki or Yemeni children either. I couldn’t give any less of a fuck. My point is: no one else actually gives a fuck either. This is selective “OMG THINK OF THE CHILDREN” outrage.

If it wasn’t selective outrage for political ends, these people out there screaming about the caravan babies would be a lot more concerned about Yemen, etc. if their agenda was to stop brown children from dying.

Again: 13 million about to starve there. Tens of thousands already have.

So yes: I 100% support drone striking these caravans.

I know it isn’t going to happen, but just imagine if it did.

And Trump was just all like:

How would the world respond?

I think that the awe factor would be so huge that people wouldn’t really be able to respond in a coherent manner. And basically, they have already maxed-out their ability to defame Trump as evil. What more can they say about the evil Hitler Nazi? They can say he is “Double Hitler on Steroids,” but their claims of “orange man bad” are now just droning noise.

The Daily Stormer is officially calling on the Trump Administration to drone strike these caravaners with smart bombs while they are still in Mexico.

Mexico had their chance to stop this horde, and they passed it up. The blood is on their hands now.