Caravan Goblin Bio-Terrorist Couple Caught Smuggling Baby Through Hole Under Border Fence

Octavio Rivera
Daily Stormer
December 10, 2018

…caught on camera.

Daily Mail:

This is the harrowing moment a Honduran caravan migrant passed his eight-month-old son to his girlfriend through a gap under the U.S. border fence so they could seek asylum.

Joel Mendez, 22, was photographed cradling his baby son Daniel in Tijuana, Mexico on Friday as his 24-year-old girlfriend, Yesenia Martinez, crawled under a hole in the border fence.

We’re seeing lots of DNA terrorism lately.

When Martinez was safely through to the other side, Mendez then passed the eight-month-old old under the fence to his mother.

She was pictured reaching under the fence to grab her son’s bottle before fleeing.

Mendez stayed behind in Tijuana to work because he feared he would be immediately deported if he crossed into the U.S.

His girlfriend surrendered to waiting U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement as she cradled their son.

Los nuevos Americanos are using every trick they know of.

How do they know of those tricks? Most of them don’t speak English.

Where are they getting this information from?

Many, like Martinez and her son, have taken to crossing the border wall illegally and handing themselves over to border patrol agents.

If you’re not a US citizen and you’re caught breaking the law, you can just claim asylum and avoid consequences.

Arab caught with a chemical weapon near a population center? Just claim asylum.

Haitian nigger caught raping white girls? Just claim asylum.

Mexican caught smuggling drugs? Just claim asylum.


Really. It’s that easy.

Goblins entering illegally are breaking the law, even if they’re caught by ICE or turn themselves in. The formula is simple: be an illegal alien, break the law, claim asylum.

If it works with this invasion crime, why wouldn’t it work with other crimes?

U.S. President Donald Trump has sought to make it harder to get asylum, but a federal court last month placed a temporary restraining order on his policy that only permitted asylum claims made at official ports of entry.

Just hop over and yell “¡ASILO! ¡ASILO POR FAVOR!”

This is the current state of America’s border integrity. Anyone can just cross anywhere and pretend they’re persecuted thinkers, philosophers, scientists, or whatever “asylum” was made for.

They don’t even need to pretend, really. They can just say they’re scared because los hombres del barro son malvados and if that doesn’t work, they can just show some brown kids crying.

What are we even going to do with all the goblins that already slipped in?

This could have been prevented.

Where is the Great American Wall?