Captain Obvious: Moscow Says US Money Printing Causing Global Inflation Crisis

Nigga, this bitch is just rolling.

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I keep telling you about this inflation issue, and I think some of you people don’t think it’s happening because no one other than me is talking about it.

Well, here’s the Russian government saying it.


By racking up trillions of dollars in debt and injecting huge sums of cash into the country’s economy, America has contributed to rising prices and lower spending power across the world, a top Russian government official has said.

Maxim Oreshkin, an advisor to President Vladimir Putin, told the Moscow Financial Forum on Wednesday that Russia had been forced to increase public spending, but to a lesser extent.

“The economic policy response to the crisis has to match the size of the economic problem,” Oreshkin said. “When you’re in the deepest recession since WWII, you need to come up with answers the same size.”

“Can you please stop crashing this plane with no survivors, sir?”

This is literally the “you can’t just X” meme.

But they literally can.

Nothing can prevent the US government from using its place as the center of the global economy to purposefully collapse the global economy as part of a lunatic “Great Reset” Jewish and Freemasonic conspiracy plot.

“Here,” Oreshkin argued, “I believe Russia has found the optimal balance between the size of stimulus spending and the way it is structured, which has made it possible to get out [of recession] and restore the economy in little more than a year.”

However, according to the Kremlin official, “the US, which has been running a budget deficit of 15% of GDP for two years in a row… has most likely gone too far with the size of the stimulus and the consequence is a global wave of inflation.”

Meanwhile, US Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen warned on Wednesday that Washington could ultimately default on its debt if the country’s lawmakers don’t agree to raise the maximum borrowing limit. “Once all available measures and cash on hand are fully exhausted, the United States of America would be unable to meet its obligations for the first time in our history,” Yellen wrote in a letter to members of Congress, saying reserves could be exhausted as early as October.

They’re not actually going to default, I don’t think.

It’s a weird flex from Yellen.

What they will do instead of defaulting directly is do an “inflation default,” and just print all the money to meet their obligations.

Obviously, this will cause the dollar to collapse, and the dollar will bring down the rest of the global currencies with it.

But that is the next step in their master plan.

The difference is, when Bane crashed that plane with no survivors, he had that other plane coming, and like, you know – escaped.

The US doesn’t really have an organized escape plan. At all.

I mean, they have this thing with the CBDC credit system for the goyim, but this is such a massive project – to totally collapse the entire global economy – that they can’t possibly have a clear plan for it.

These people couldn’t even organize a proper surrender to literal cave men.

How on earth are they going to crash a global economy and replace it with a technetronic control grid?

This is really complicated.

Basically, the vaccine seems to be a big part of the plan. They want everyone locked into a vax passport. They also want as many people hooked on drugs as possible. I’m sure they will just totally decriminalize fentanyl, and start handing out needles. The drug costs nothing to make, so basically everyone can have an infinite supply if it’s decriminalized. That will take out a good percentage of fighting-aged men.

But like… this is a really, really massive project.

They’re controlling it right now, using the stock market and real estate market to hold the excess dollar amounts. In theory, that will allow them to just slowly cause prices to rise, and then slowly transfer people over to their CBDC control grid, starting with the dependents – blacks, women, etc.

But the basic idea here is total communism – to completely remove the concept of a market. The entire idea of wealth then becomes something different, and it’s just… it’s hard to picture how this is even possible, and I really just do not believe that competent people are running this New World Order.

But we’re going to find out their competence levels pretty soon.

In general, I think it’s safe to assume that this is just all going to be a completely chaotic mess that they are going to try to crack down on using police state violence. If most people are vaxed, that might be possible.

My advice is the same as it has been this whole time: get out of the way and try to stay alive.