Captain Clay Higgins Resigns Because: “I Will Not Kneel to a Discredited, Wanna-Be, Black Activist”

Stuff Black People Don’t Like
March 1, 2016

Real men of character are hard to come by in Black-Run America (BRA).

To get ahead in BRA, self-preservation usually revolves around promoting the interests of blacks 24/7/365 and convincing yourself the morality of this endeavor supersedes all other pursuits in life.

Enter Clay Higgins, a man who represents a movement back to law and order whose time has not only come, but is upon us. [UPDATE: Sheriff issues expanded statement; Clay Higgins leaves the St. Landry Parish Sheriff’s Office,, 2-29-16]:

Clay Higgins, the charismatic Sheriff’s captain who put St. Landry Parish Crime Stoppers on the international map with his viral videos, has resigned from the Sheriff’s Office.

Higgins made the announcement Monday morning on the steps of the St. Landry Parish Courthouse.  He says he was not forced to resign, but he felt he need to turn in his badge, which the Sheriff accepted.

“I will not kneel to violent street gangs. I will not kneel to murderers or the parents that raised them. I will not kneel to a discredited, wanna-be, black activist that doesn’t really have the best interest of his people in mind, who just wants to make a profit,” says Higgins. “I will not kneel to bureaucrats in Baton Rouge, Washington or anywhere else who have forgotten why they wear a badge and who have forgotten who they serve.”

Higgins said he loves Sheriff Bobby Guidroz.  He admires him and respects him, but he can’t abide by his current orders.

“I would die rather than sacrifice my principles,” Higgins says. “I would leave my wife without a husband, my children without a daddy, rather than kneel to the very forces of evil that I have so long stood against.”

His announcement comes on the heels of some controversy surrounding the most recent video Higgins made about fugitives – which was not on behalf of Crime Stoppers. Higgins says per a request by State Police, he put together a video about seven suspects who have been on the run since last fall, accused members of the Gremlins Gang and under indictment on conspiracy charges.

Along with Higgins, appearing in the video were members of various law enforcement agencies in the area and leaders in the black community of St. Landry Parish.

However, the ACLU took issue with an advance copy of Higgins’ script for the segment, and several people identifying themselves as family members of the accused gang members said they felt their relatives were in danger because of the segment.

The ACLU and family members of black criminals would rather defend black criminality than defend law and order.

The movement back to harmony is unstoppable: all because white people are remembering they don’t have to live on their knees.

It’s a Trump world now.