Capitol Storm Witch Hunt Now “Largest Investigation in American History”

It was way worse that 9/11.

On 9/11, people died and buildings died.

But on 1/6, democracy was molested.

We have to throw out all normalcy, and abolish freedom, and ruin everyone’s life, in the name of our sacred values enshrined in our podiums.


At least another hundred people connected to the January 6 storming of the US Capitol are expected to be charged with a variety of crimes, according to prosecutors.

“The investigation continues and the government expects that at least one hundred additional individuals will be charged,” claimed the prosecutors in court filings first reported by Fox News on Friday, noting that 300 people have already been charged and that the Justice Department is also “investigating conspiratorial activity” that may have taken place before the riot.

They added that the investigation and subsequent prosecution “will likely be one of the largest in American history, both in terms of the number of defendants prosecuted and the nature and volume of the evidence.”

Crimes being investigated allegedly include trespassing, violent conduct, assault against police officers, the theft and destruction of government property, civil disorder, conspiracy, and “firearms offenses,” among others.

The court filings also claimed that over 900 search warrants have been conducted around the country since the incident, and that over 15,000 hours of footage has been compiled as evidence.

Supporters of former President Donald Trump stormed the US Capitol on January 6, just two weeks before the inauguration of President Joe Biden, to protest Trump’s electoral defeat. One Capitol Police officer and four protesters died during the incident, and many others were injured.

The Biden administration used the storming of the Capitol to post thousands of National Guard soldiers in Washington, DC – where they have been positioned for over two months, despite a lack of violent activity in the area – and have requested to keep the soldiers there through late May, despite the National Guard Association calling it “completely inappropriate at best” and “illegal at worst.”

It seems to be illegal.

National Guard can be used in law enforcement, but only in a state at the request of the governor.

Never before has National Guard been used to occupy the Capitol.

This idea that they are there because of the threat of Baked Alaska, or the threat of the FBI-run Proud Boys, or FBI-run Oath Keepers – is actually insane.

Cops could have stopped this riot, with tear gas. They also could have just formed a police line and held it, without tear gas. There were virtually no cops at the scene on 1/6, they had all been pulled from the Capitol, ostensibly to deal with a fake pipe bomb (placed by a mystery man who still hasn’t been arrested somehow).

The cops that were there, as we all saw, opened the doors and waved people into the building.

One cop said “I don’t agree with it, but I respect it” as he let people march in the building single file. This suggests that he’d been ordered to let people in.

This entire thing is a gigantic hoax.

But it is being used to redirect anti-terrorism resources against white people.

It’s just exhausting. Everything is just lies, lies, lies. It drains my very soul.