Capitol Bomb Threat Standoff! Southern White Man! Surrendered – But This is Just Getting Started!

Final Update (for Today)

He surrendered and is in custody.

No boom.

But this is the beginning of the end. They now have the great white terrorist.

Things are about to get way heavy.

This guy was an obvious patsy. I watched the whole 30-minute video (which keeps getting deleted, but you can find it). He was talking about how four other guys put him up to it and built the bombs for him. Obviously, he would be talking about FBI agents.

The raids are going to start in earnest now. Another hoax like this will happen, then they’ll really lock it down hard and start up the camps.

I hope you people listened to me and prepared for this, because it is now officially happening.

Original article follows.

It’s about time for me to clock out, but the media is saying a white guy in a truck spilling one dollar bills all over the place is going to blow up Washington, DC. They say he’s got a detonator and they’re trying to negotiate with him before he levels the entire city like Bane. They’ve evacuated the whole city.

To me, this scene looks like someone who was peacefully headed to a strip club when he experienced car trouble and then his sack of $1s spilled out the window and he freaked out.

But yeah, they’re saying the white terror is finally upon us.

The media and their Twitter army are going ape shit.

The cops are saying he’s streaming.

The stream is off, but this appears to be it (it’s probably already deleted by the time you’re reading this).

This is some kind of weird thing.

Even if it is just some guy who lost his shit because of all of this lunatic stuff that is happening, they’re going to max it out.

But it’s much more likely that this is a staged hoax, which they will then use to target you. I mean, they announced all of this kook gibberish about how white people were going to start doing terrorism because they read something on the internet that said that, then all of a sudden you have this.

It also makes sense that they would rush something like this just after the Kabul debacle.

I don’t buy it at all.

Most likely, according to statistics, it’s the standard thing we always see: the feds find a rando with problems online, then groom him with gibberish, then order him to go out and do some stunt for them.

It could also just be a nonsense event, like when they did those fake anthrax envelopes after 911. They are repeatedly referencing the fake DC pipe bomb hoax in all these articles in the media right now.

Anyway, just giving you the heads up. I’m doing morning shift these days. You’ll have to find out how this ends from your local Jews, or wait until tomorrow. I’m not updating this post, and frankly, I’m upset that it’s distracting from the story I wrote about I.N.C.E.L.


Here’s the thread on the Gamer Uprising.

There will be updates on there, for as long as this lasts. My main man Gian is on it, right there with my boy Panzerhund. They’ll keep you in the know.

I’m going to the gym and I’ll talk to you tomorrow.


Okay, well – it might be happening.


From the stream:

The man, who appears genuine but low IQ, says “they chose me to do this shit.”

Who chose him, I wonder?

This is so obviously a setup and a hoax.

It’s too much.

But listen, folks: all that shit I told you was gonna happen – now, it’s gonna happen.

I hope you’re happy with your decisions.