“Capitalist Cunt” Clinton Once Again Lashes Out at Heroic Communist Leader Sanders

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
February 1, 2020

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Hillary Clinton is a disgusting fraud and a capitalist.

So of course she’s attacking Bernie Sanders, the heroic communist champion who has taken the lead in the primary polls ahead of voting in Iowa.

What is shocking is that she is attacking him for… not doing enough to help her win in 2016.

The level of tone deafness this bitch embodies is simply shocking.

Research shows that most Americans desire to be ruled by an angry, mean mommy.

Bernie was literally labeled a sellout for helping this saggy old prune at all. He put his entire credibility on the line for her – after she committed various forms of fraud to thwart his own campaign. And her method of attack, four years later, is to come out and say “he didn’t do enough for me and he is one of the millions of people who is not me that is responsible for me losing.”

She should have stuck to the strategy of claiming no one likes Bernie, instead of making it personal yet again.


Hillary Clinton is not done talking about Bernie Sanders.

The 2016 Democratic presidential nominee said in a podcast interview that aired Friday that Sanders didn’t try to unify the party after losing the primary to her four years ago and that he and his supporters contributed to her loss to Donald Trump in the general election.

Asked by Emily Tisch Sussman of the podcast “Your Primary Playlist” what Sanders could do this time to unite the party against Trump, Clinton replied, “Well, he can do it, for one.”

“That’s not our experience from 2016,” Clinton said.

The remarks are yet another reminder of the lasting scars of the the brutal 2016 primary battle between Sanders, whose supporters believe the contest was rigged in Clinton’s favor, and Clinton, who has begrudged Sanders for not supporting her candidacy quickly enough after she clinched the nomination.

Sanders was unable to campaign in Iowa on Friday because of the impeachment trial of President Donald Trump in the Senate. But at an evening rally in Clive, Iowa, one of his highest profile supporters, Michigan Rep. Rashida Tlaib, led the crowd in booing Clinton.

At the first mention of Clinton’s name, some in the crowd began booing, prompting the moderator to say, “We’re not going to boo. We’re classy” But Tlaib interjected: “No. I’ll boo. Booooo!” That drew laughter and louder boos from the audience.

“You all know, I can’t be quiet,” Tlaib continued, laughing. “We’re going to boo. It’s alright. The haters will shut up on Monday, when we win.”

In Friday’s podcast, Clinton contrasted the conversations she had with Barack Obama in 2008 about unifying the party after he became the nominee with the conversations she had with Sanders in 2016 after it became clear she would come out on top. They were “like night and day,” she said.

Although there was “no question” about her nomination, she said, Sanders’ “campaign and his principal supporters were just very difficult and really constantly not just attacking me but my supporters.”

At the Democratic National Convention, she said, Sanders’ supporters were “booing Michelle Obama, John Lewis. It was very distressing and such a contrast between what we did to unite in ’08.”

“All the way up until the end, a lot of people highly identified with (Sanders’) campaign, were urging people to vote third party, urging people not to vote — it had an impact,” she said.

It’s almost like Hillary Clinton refuses to read her own critics, and doesn’t know how brutally she’s been mocked for continuing to blame everyone other than herself for her 2016 loss.

This has reached slapstick comedy levels, as every time they give this bitch a microphone, she starts blaming people for her election loss. Every question she is asked gets redirected into blaming someone, whether it is Bernie Sanders, Russia, the media, the DNC, James Comey, Julian Assange, Barack Obama, Joe Biden or all men.

What about alien mind beams from another galaxy?

It’s a cartoonish vision of the harsh reality that it is actually impossible for a woman to ever believe that anything that happens to her is the result of her own choices.

I have argued that the fact that women cannot accept that their own actions have consequences means that women cannot be expected to engage public society in good faith, since an inability to grasp the fact that decisions have consequences effectively means that a woman is incapable of making good decisions, ever.

Hillary Clinton has become the poster child for banning women from public life completely. And she seems very comfortable embracing this role.

Conversely, Bernie Sanders has sought to disprove my argument that Jews should be banned from public life, as he rallies the goyim to bring down the Jew system.