Can’t We Just Burn the Remaining Plastic and Then Stop Using It?

There is so, so, so much plastic.

It is completely destroying all of nature, and probably more importantly, it is destroying our bodies. The overwhelming majority of the problems we are seeing in the world are due to plastics. I’m serious.

Plastics disrupt the hormones of both men and women. They are a primary contributor to the so-called “faggotization” of men and the oft-cited “beastization” of women.

When you look at global problems, most of them are the result of men being turned into faggots who are incapable of standing up for themselves, incapable of fighting. We already know that socialist policies are associated with women and faggotized men. Masculine, strong men do not support socialism, or any of the policies that go along with socialism: mass immigration, gay rights, feminism, etc.

It’s funny to talk about “soyboys,” but soy is a minor endocrine disruptor when compared to plastic. If we’re talking about the damage done to people’s endocrine systems, with men, it is going to be 99% petrochemicals. A huge part of that is from plastics, which are in the food and drink. (The other big thing is soap and other petrochemicals we rub on our bodies.)

With women, the ratio is different, because women literally take estrogen pills (birth control), which completely transform their systems. (Men also drink from a water supply that women who take estrogen pills are urinating into – it’s literally in the rain. So that’s also a factor.)

However, when all factors are considered, plastic is the biggest contributor to the loss of masculinity; just so, the loss of masculinity is the biggest contributor in the fall of Western civilization.

What it is doing to the rest of the earth’s biodiversity is also not good.

We should be addressing the plastic problem.

Japan Today:

The Japanese government will create a map indicating the current state of global marine microplastic pollution with cooperation from other members of the Group of 20 major economies, sources close to the matter say.

The government hopes the map, which will also show where waste originated, will help countries strengthen their efforts to reduce plastic pollution in the ocean, the sources said.

The plan is part of an agreement reached last year at the G-20 summit in Osaka to reduce additional pollution from marine plastic litter to zero by 2050.

The map will use different color tones to signify the level of pollution from microplastics — tiny plastic debris measuring less than 5 millimeters that can accumulate in fish, making them toxic for humans.

Japan will ask other governments to submit related data when it hosts a G-20 online event Monday to discuss marine plastic waste, as well as at a conference of their environment ministers later this month.

It is estimated that more than 8 million tons of plastic waste is released into the ocean every year, with some of it degrading into microplastics.

This is happening while these lunatics are out on the street screaming about “global warming,” which is a total hoax.

What sort of lunacy, asks ye?

You could just as easily get a bunch of irate women screeching about plastic, couldn’t you?

Of course you could. Women are literally stupider than small yapping dogs.

Women will go full-irate screecher mode about whichever thing they’re told is fashionable to scream irately about. They have no idea what is going on with reality, it’s just all a big performance.

So why are they screeching about a hoax instead of a real, serious, doomsday problem?

Well, plastic is profitable.

Getting rid of plastic isn’t profitable. There is no angle on plastic which is profitable, other than creating it, and to a much lesser extent in absurd and idiotic “recycling” schemes.

“Global warming,” on the other hand, is extremely profitable.

Putting massive taxes on “carbon emissions” is very profitable, both for the governments collecting the taxes and the oil companies whose products are taxed.

It’s all so obvious, but you know – there’s that question no one is allowed to ask that isn’t being asked in this case.

We need to burn the plastic.

It is absolute lunacy that we do not burn the plastic.

The plastic is made from petroleum. We burn petroleum regularly. There is no reason you cannot burn the plastic, as fuel, and use the same protections we already use for burning fossil fuels that prevent particulates from entering the atmosphere. Modern coal plants do not emit any form of pollution at all, unless you’re a deranged cultist who believes that carbon dioxide is a pollutant.

Virtually all of the videos of people talking about clean coal have been scrubbed from YouTube and replaced with people saying that clean-burning coal is impossible because carbon dioxide is a pollutant. But here’s a clip from an old Discovery Channel documentary about how a clean-burning coal plant works.

You could use this same technology to burn plastic waste.

They don’t do it because they don’t want to solve this problem. Instead, there is some weird mythology around plastic, where it for some reason cannot be burned, as we are burning every other petrol.

After we burn it all, we should stop making it. We need to go back to glass, stainless steel, or wood/paper.

The experiment of a plastic society has failed and we know how to solve it.

The fact that this problem has reached this level simply proves that our leaders do not have any interest in solving any problem.