Candace Owens Says You Can’t Tell Meghan Markle is Black

Everyone’s favorite negress Candace Owens went on Fox News with Sean Hannity to defend Piers Morgan and said that you can’t tell Meghan Markle is black by looking at her.

Morgan, a British news host, was forced to resign from his job on “Good Morning Britain” for not believing Markle’s claim that the British Royal Family was involved in a racist conspiracy against her. Markle made this claim to Oprah Winfrey, stating that they hated her for the color of her skin.

Morgan got in an argument with a co-host, and stormed off set.

He then was asked to resign, and told reporters that he was happy to die on the hill of free speech.

Morgan is more or less a leftist, though he holds some views that align with the right. British politics are less extreme, and they’ve got this whole “just be reasonable” thing they do. So you’ve got the leader of the left-wingers pushing anti-Semitism and right-wingers defending socialized medicine.

Americans will remember that Morgan briefly worked for CNN in America. During that period he interviewed Alex Jones about how he was coming to take guns from Americans.

What he said was that it was horrible and wrong for Meghan to go out there and claim that someone in the royal family was aggressively racist against her, and not even name who it was specifically, so that the entire royal family has this insult, which is the greatest insult, hanging over their heads.

Owens said that Morgan was speaking for all of us when he said that there is no evidence of these claims of skin hate. She went on to say: “You look at her and you would not be able to discern, just by looking at Meghan Markle, that she’s black.”

She also claimed that it was stupid to say that Harry and Meghan’s baby, which is a quadroon that looks white, couldn’t suffer racism: “If you see a picture of Archie and you believe that he’s suffered anti-black racism, then I’m a Nigerian prince and give me your credit card details.”

Markle really doesn’t look black. Her mother, who is from Cleveland, is clearly not a pure African.

If her mother is 80% African, then she’s only 40%, meaning the child is only 20%.

She’s also clearly had plastic surgery – to look more like the white people she hates. If you see a picture of her as a kid, you can clearly see she totally transformed her nose. But her skin was always pretty light.

This entire drama is bizarre.

I think it’s possible that the royal family was frustrated about Harry marrying an American movie actress. Maybe they were privately frustrated about the fact she was black.

But would that even be unreasonable?

Why on earth would the prince, who has all of these sexual options, marry a 35-year-old divorced mulatto from a USA TV series?

Who could be behind this?