Canadians Vote Against Donald Trump, Overwhelmingly

The moment when Justin said something gay to Your Favorite President

Canada’s president is literally the dumbest faggot on the entire planet.

But we should really care a lot about who they think our president should be.


Donald Trump called Prime Minister Justin Trudeau “weak” and “dishonest” and attacked Canada’s vital trade. He threatened tariffs on cars and imposed them on steel.

The unprecedented tone of attacks on America’s closest ally the last four years left a bitter taste, and most Canadians will be relieved if Trump is defeated in the election.

“He’s been willing to threaten Canada with dire consequences in a way we have never seen before,” said Roland Paris, a former senior foreign policy adviser to Trudeau.

Canada is one of the most trade-dependent countries in the world and Trump’s move to rip up the North American Free Trade Agreement and call to impose a 25 percent tariff on the auto sector posed an existential threat.

About 75% of Canada’s exports go to the U.S., so preserving a free trade deal was critical, and the two countries, along with Mexico, reached a new agreement last year. But just six weeks after it was implemented, Trump announced new tariffs on Canadian steel and aluminum.

I was going to vote Trump, then I learned about how the Canadians feel about him, so I’m changing my mind.

Canadians are really clever and intelligent, compared to Americans. Every European faggot told me so. Also, Canadians are really enlightened and wise because all they do all the time is smoke weed.

But seriously though – Canada really and truly is a faggot country. Imagine that 75% of their people are anti-Trump.

I mean, we know that there are all these issues with polling. Polls lean left because a leftist is much more likely to have the time to sit and talk to some pajeet for 20 minutes. Plus people think they’re going to be doxed. And so on.

But still: 75%?

And seriously: look at this guy.

Frankly, however, I am a strong believer that if we forced Canadians to use their old flag, they would spontaneously stop being such complete faggots.

Because really: there is no single reason they should act like this. They’re the same racial stock as America and Australia. The thing that is different is that they have a stupid leaf flag.

Oh but then I just remembered New Zealand still has the Union Jack.