Canadian WOMAN is Key Suspect in Attempted Ricin Assassination of President Trump!

This is a stock photo, but we can say with some confidence the suspect looks exactly like this.

There are two groups of people in this world I don’t trust:

  1. Women
  2. Canadians

Finding out that it was a Canadian woman who tried to poison my president was not even partially surprising.

The Independent:

Intelligence officials believe a Canadian woman is responsible for letters containing the poison ricin that were addressed to Donald Trump.

In a statement,  the Royal Canadian Mounted Police said they were assisting the FBI with its investigation after they suspected a Canadian had sent the letters.

Investigators, meanwhile, have identified a woman as a suspect, reported The New York Times, who spoke to an official briefed on the matter.

Two law enforcement officials told CNN that tests confirmed the presence of the poison in the letters that were intercepted.

All mail addressed to the White House is sorted and screened offsite, where the letters containing the lethal poison were caught before being delivered to the White House mail room.

I was almost surprised that the FBI even bothered to investigate this.

I was not aware that they investigated attempts to kill the president. They certainly don’t care if people march through the streets threatening to kill him, holding up signs they will kill him.

They don’t care when celebrities like Snoop Dogg, Johnny Depp or Madonna publicly threaten to kill him.

But I guess if they didn’t arrest someone over this, it would be too obvious.

In normal circumstances of course, Canada as a nation would be held accountable for this. Under these circumstances, they’re not even printing the woman’s name.

What the Media has Wrought

It is the media that is responsible for stirring up all of this hatred against the president and whipping these stupid women into an absolute frenzy about the big bad mean daddy man. None of them can really explain what exactly the issue is. If you ask them, they’ll just start having a seizure with something about Russia and racism. Of course, none of them could explicate any negative effects of anything that Trump has done. It’s just pure and unadulterated emotion, that obviously revolves around some issues they each have with their own fathers.

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It is completely and utterly irresponsible what the media is doing, and they are directly responsible for this poisoning, just as they’re directly responsible for all of the Antifa and black violence.

I’m the world’s number one supporter of freedom of speech, so I don’t think that it should be illegal for any media outlet to preach mass hysteria, to whip up this frenzy. I also don’t think there is any way to legislate lying. However, I would say that the media needs to be investigated for a wide-ranging conspiracy to undermine an elected president by organizing a total campaign of lies. I think that this could possibly hinge on the fact that while the media spreads this aggressive false information, they also engage in an equally aggressive campaign to censor anyone who disagrees with them.

Both myself and Alex Jones were “unpersoned,” effectively completely banned from the internet, because we were competing with the media and successfully capturing a significant portion of the media-consuming public, while informing the people that the media is lying. In both of our situations, the bans came as a part of an organized operation by the media to defame us, to claim we were beyond the pale, to claim we had to be silenced for the good of morality.

Alex Jones was was the single biggest alternative media person in the world. I don’t know where I ranked, but it was significant. At the time of my total banning from everything, my old website, – which was stolen from me by Google at the behest of the media – was getting about a third of the traffic of Of course, Alex was getting massive traffic on YouTube, so I was never one third as popular as Alex, but I was certainly in the top five most well-known and influential alternative media figures.

As things stand now, the alternative media does not really exist anymore, excluding Breitbart (which kinda sucks). I’m still here on this .su site and Alex is still over on, and there are some other sites out there, but we are severely diminished by this mass censorship. Furthermore, our bans served as a warning to the rest of the alternative media figures that dissent simply would not be allowed. Joe Rogan was arguably alternative media, and he is now solidly a mainstream figure. He has completely altered his content since the mass bannings began.

Joe Rogan is scared to death and he’s a coward, so he doesn’t even know what to do. Last week he apologized like a bitch after saying that Antifa seemed to be starting the fires out West. The media attacked and demanded he rescind the comment, and he obliged. Then they lectured him like he was a child on the dangers of not believing and repeating exactly everything the media says in every situation (see this Forbes article – it’s nuts).

What’s more, no one new is going to go into the field of alternative media. At this point in time, if you have a popular Twitter account supporting Donald Trump – just straight MAGA, nothing really beyond what Trump himself says – you will be banned. This happened to Bill Mitchell, who literally never said anything other than, “Trump is right about everything, I support everything he says.”

So people who might have decided to go into alternative media as a career won’t do it, because it is impossible.

If it wasn’t for these bannings, there would be a massive media complex supporting Donald Trump – from people like me, to people like Alex, to people like Bill. It would be an ecosystem. Instead, you have nothing. Nothing but the CNN/NYT wing, and Fox News, the latter of which is becoming increasingly similar to the former (which is something they can do, because there is no one to push back against them, because everyone is banned).

If we had a pro-Trump media complex, the mainstream media would not be able to be anywhere near this brazen. They would have to contend with us correcting them and pushing back against their narrative, and that would severely restrict the level of abject lunacy they would be able to peddle.

What’s more – and just imagine this – if these bannings wouldn’t have started in 2017, and the pro-Trump media had been allowed to grow and develop, there is absolutely ZERO chance that the media would have been able to foist this coronavirus hoax upon us.

What the media has done since Trump was elected amounts to a concerted effort and a scheming plot to push an insane, deranged, fake narrative to undermine the elected president. There is no way this isn’t somehow illegal. It is some kind of collusion. It should be investigated.

Of course, it isn’t going to be investigated any time soon. But the record stands, and history is going to judge the people who allowed our freedom to be stripped from us like this.

Please Note

This is not about me. I know that it might seem like I talk about censorship all the time and that maybe that relates to the fact that censorship destroyed my life. But it really simply is the most important issue of all. I bring myself up when I talk about it because I’m the most important figure in the history of this censorship process. Andrew Anglin was the first person who they said was just so evil that he simply could not be permitted to have a right to speak.

But understand: Tucker Carlson has also said that free speech is the single most important issue of all. The fact of reality is, if you do not have free speech, they can take anything else from you, because you can’t say anything about it. That’s why the protections on speech are the First Amendment and not the Second, Third or Tenth. Our Founding Fathers understood this was the single most important issue, so they listed it as such in the Bill of Rights. You have to have the First Amendment if you want to defend the other nine.

Yes, it has cost me more than anyone can really even imagine. I should by rights be the most infamous political commentator in the world, I should be running a multi-million dollar media outlet that is bigger than Breitbart, and I was absolutely on that path when I was censored. That is all besides the point. The point is: I was the guy this happened to. It wasn’t Alex Jones or Bill Mitchell. The entire right-wing should have rallied around me at that point, and maybe we wouldn’t be in this situation that we are in now.

I tried to explain when I was censored that this was a satire website, that I was purposefully pushing boundaries of speech to protect the First Amendment, as I thought that would give an opportunity for people like Alex Jones and the rest of them to go out and defend me, saying, “I don’t agree with what he says, but he’s purposefully trying to push the limits, and the stuff that pushes the limits has to be protected or nothing else is.”

But they didn’t do that.