Canadian Soldiers Persecuted for Being in Gavin’s Cringey Proud Boys Group

Daily Stormer
July 5, 2017

Proud Boys? Really? Were the girl scouts too hardcore for you?

Okay, first things first – we need to get something out of the way.

“Proud Boys” has got to be the gayest name for a nationalist organization ever devised. Even if they were the fourth reich incarnate, I could never be a part of something with such a dumb name.

Unsurprisingly, it’s Gavin “dildo on cam” McInnes who’s at the helm of this group.

But even this brand of milquetoast nationalism seems to be way over the line for the Canadian military, which doesn’t tolerate testosterone in it’s ranks.

If you entered the CAF with balls, they’ll ensure you don’t leave with them.


The five men who crashed an Indigenous ceremony in Halifax over the weekend, identifying themselves with a “Western chauvinist” fraternity, are members of the Canadian Armed Forces and could face discipline as a result of their actions.

The Department of National Defence confirmed to VICE News on Tuesday that all five of the self-styled “Proud Boys” are enlisted in the Canadian Forces. Four are in the navy, and one is enlisted in the army. As of Tuesday afternoon, a sixth member of the Canadian Armed Forces is now facing disciplinary action in connection to the protest, although it remains unclear as to how they are connected.

While the government couldn’t yet comment as to whether discipline would be coming, as that decision will be made through the chain-of-command, Rear Admiral John Newton told reporters on Tuesday they would have their files reviewed, both administratively and through the military police system.

Reminder: Canada’s defense minister is a turban-wearing poo-in-the-loo.

His first decision: removing all toilets from military barracks, as he believed doing their business in the streets was “more civilized.”

A statement from the Commander of the Royal Canadian Navy slammed the protest, writing that the group’s actions “do not reflect the Royal Canadian Navy and Canadian Army.”

No sir!

Defending Western civilization certainly isn’t a part of the Canadian military’s mission or value system, you can be sure of that.

“We fight for ZOG, we die for homo rights!”

Soldiers are not expected to be patriotic in their spare times. A real soldier has hobbies like knitting, reading “Feminism Today” and crying into their boyfriend’s arms while watching soap operas.