Canadian Soldier Weighs In on Our Military Training Base Being Full of Disease

Joe Jones
Daily Stormer
April 12, 2018

Apparently that fag’s rank is Master Seaman lol.

Earlier this week I wrote an article talking about the state of the Saint-Jean Garrison – the only place in Canada where basic military training is held – and just how bad it is there.

After that, I got in contact with a buddy of mine in the military. He provided some valuable insight into how terrible that place really is and how this flesh-eating bacteria outbreak is nothing surprising.

Sadly, he confirmed that there were in fact no Nazi zombies carrying equipment for proper Jew removal.

Maybe some day…

One of the more surprising things is he claimed that the faggots really had no impact on the spread of all these diseases. The biggest problem was that the entire base is an old building, it’s damp in quite a few areas, and the areas which are not damp are very dry. The ventilation system is terrible and constantly recycles the same infectious air throughout the facility. In regards to the faggots, he said they “didn’t help the situation, but if the building were in better condition this kind of thing wouldn’t be so common.”

Every three weeks the garrison has at least 180 people come in from all over the country – again, this is literally the only place in Canada where basic training is held – and everyone is in a very compact area. The sleeping areas are basically 30-man rooms with barriers between people. He didn’t specify what kind of barrier, but I assume it’s something similar to hospital curtains.

If you’re lucky, you might get in a pod – which is a small area with six small individual rooms. All of the areas where people actually slept were very clean, since recruits are forced to clean those areas or they get whatever kind of discipline hasn’t been banned in Canada. Eating areas are also “mostly” clean.

Because of these favorable conditions for bacteria, everyone gets sick. So the soldiers should just go to the nearby hospital, correct?

Most often they don’t. An anecdote provided by the guy was that someone in the base got a strep infection which spread to his lungs. He went to the hospital and they did not give him any medications. He later developed scarlet fever as a result. Due to their incompetence, there is also the problem of it potentially taking too long. If they miss too much training for any reason – including medical reasons – then recruits will be removed from their platoon and replaced. When they are released they’ll be put in some program to get into a new platoon which could take months.

The recruits are also intentionally sleep deprived as part of the training program, so their immune systems are completely shot.

Because of all that, you have all these people running around with infections like bronchitis spreading more infection everywhere.

None of this is a secret. Everyone in the military knows how terrible this base is from the guys who are getting the diseases to the gay Master Seamen. They just refuses to renovate the garrison to make sure that people don’t get infections and possibly die before they get shot for the Jews in WWIII.

It’s obvious that the government does not care at all about its recruits. I assume Trudeau thinks that if you have a military, your enemies win. Because of that he is intentionally trying to ensure as many people as possible get eaten alive by bacteria and start bleeding out of every opening.