Canadian Retard Advocates Admit Down Syndrome Mutants are Different Species

Luis Castillo
Daily Stormer
November 7, 2018

This is retarded.

I’m not even laughing at these potatoes.

It’s sad – and yeah, kind of funny – but it’s really just sick and I hate looking at it or being reminded it exists. I’m just gonna be real.

If I had to choose right now between being killed, or being transformed into a potato-tard, I would rather die. I wouldn’t wish that on anyone around me. There would be no point.

Toronto City News:

Should people with Down syndrome be listed alongside the red-belly toad, hooded vulture, and eastern gorilla as an endangered species?

No. We want to conserve those.

The Canadian Down Syndrome Society (CDSS) thinks so, and it has launched a provocative campaign in hopes of raising awareness about the struggles people with Down syndrome are facing.

“The retards think so.”

The non-profit organization is applying to the International Union for the Conservation of Nature (IUCN) to have people with Down syndrome become the first humans added to its Red List of over 27,000 endangered species.

This could void my potato-hunting license.

The headline-grabbing move is part of the CDSS’s Endangered Syndrome campaign that coincides with Canadian Down Syndrome Week from November 1-7.

I thought that was every week, but okay.

The group argues that people with Down syndrome should share in the same funding and protections afforded to at-risk animal and plant species.

“In some countries like the U.S., there have been 30% fewer people born with Down syndrome than projected, and in a few countries, that number is approaching zero. Because of this, the Down syndrome community has less of a voice in the world today, resulting in a lack of housing, education and funding for a community that desperately needs support,” the CDSS said in a release.

For everything that can be wrong with you, there is a community now.

Dorlean Leighfars-Rotolo’s daughter Jessica appears in the ads dressed as a lion.

She’s concerned that more people are terminating pregnancies when they find out their child has Down syndrome.

Oh no.

“I don’t think it’s positive at all because if people with Down syndrome are terminated, what’s next? What other group with disabilities are going to be then targeted. We are playing God and for me, I don’t think that’s right.”

Firstly, we’re going to target every group of people with such disabilities that make it so that they will be perpetually useless and dependent. They make everyone around them suffer, and they live short, miserable, meaningless lives.

Secondly, the will of God is for us to advance as a race and civilization. This means not burdening ourselves with parasites, be they of the brown or potato variety.

If your destiny is to make your people suffer, it is better to choose to die.