Canadian Province Legalizes Harvesting the Organs of the Deceased Against Their Will

I’d be careful not to die in Canada if I were you.

CBC News:

This means all people in the province are considered organ donors unless they opt out. Children under the age of 19 are exempt from the law.

Because it’s a first, Dr. Stephen Beed, the medical director of the Nova Scotia Organ and Tissue Donation Program, said donation programs across Canada will be following the province’s progress very closely.

According to the most recent figures compiled by Canadian Blood Services, 250 Canadians died while waiting for a transplant in 2019 — an increase from 223 in 2018. They also showed that Canada still has a shortage of organs, with 4,419 patients still waiting for transplants at the end of 2019.

The rest of Canada has an opt-in policy for organ donation — meaning individuals must sign up to be organ donors while they are alive. But, whether or not someone has registered as a donor, by common practice the next of kin still may have the final say on whether their organs can be donated.

This is a very sick and satanic thing.

People have a right to be buried with all of their parts inside them.

This is like some shit out of Graveyard Keeper.

These are the same people who claim without evidence that China “harvests organs” and that this is evil saying that they’re going to harvest your organs and it’s good.