Canadian Professor Threatens to Burn Down Congress If Trump Nominates a Judge

Emmet Macfarlane: A Canadian terrorist plotting an attack on America.

A Canadian woman was just arrested for trying to assassinate the president with poison, now we find that a Canadian professor is threatening to burn down Congress.

Emmet Macfarlane’s terroristic tweet was posted on Friday just after the Notorious RBG licked the bucket, but it was deleted and I’m only just now seeing it.

Others also threatened a terrorist attack against the government. This is becoming a normal activity.

Reza Aslan, who threatened to “burn the entire fucking thing down,” is a known Islamic terrorism supporter from Iran.

Macfarlane is a political science professor at the University of Waterloo in Ontario.

Canada clearly has some very serious problems with America, and presents a clear and present danger. Attempting to assassinate the president is no joke, and neither is threatening a terrorist attack.

I am left wondering: why are we doing a war against China and Russia, when the real enemy sits right above us, making aggressive moves on us?

Why don’t we invade Canada? 

At the very least, we should be threatening them and sanctioning them as we’re doing to so many countries which have never threatened to attack us, let alone tried to assassinate our president.