Canadian PM Stephen Harper Rocks Out for the Jews: ‘Israel Will Always Have Canada’

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
December 2, 2013

For those about to rock for the Jews, Canada salutes you.
For those about to rock for the Jews, Canada salutes you (that could maybe be more clever; it is a reference to an ACDC song).

The criminal traitor Stephen Harper announced Sunday night that the entire purpose of Canada is to serve Jewish interests.

At a gala dinner that had something to do with a bird sanctuary, the weird, sick Prime Minister of the frozen wasteland located somewhere to the north of the United States got up on stage and performed a rock concert dedicated to Jews.

Before he began to rock, Harper said “We understand the future of our country depends on having a free and democratic state in the Middle East” adding “Israel will always have Canada.”

After the concert, Binyamin Netanyahu appeared on screen to thank the rock n’ roll Prime Minister for devoting his entire nation to serving the criminal Jew state of Israel.

From the Jerusalem Post:

Harper’s show included renditions of Neil Diamond’s Sweet Caroline and Jumping Jack Flash by The Rolling Stones. He wrapped up the set, quipping that he “has a day job” to get back to, before satisfying his audience’s demand for an encore with a Beatles’ number.

This was followed by a televised video message from Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu in Jerusalem, who lauded his Canadian counterpart as a “true leader.”

Stephen doesn’t follow the herd,” Netanyahu said. “He has stood up for the truth, time and time again.”

“Stephen doesn’t want to be politically correct, he wants to be correct. He had the courage to stand up for what he believed,” he said. “I salute you Stephen, not only as a personal friend, and a friend of Israel but as a great leader.”


David Koschitzky, Chair of the Center for Israel and Jewish Affairs welcomed Harper’s announcement “as an important indicator of the dynamic relationship that exists between two great countries, which has grown and strengthened under the prime minister’s leadership.”

“This visit will provide Israelis with an opportunity to thank the prime minister for his steadfast friendship and support over many years,” he added.

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