Canadian Government Undermines Fusion Research by Demanding “Inclusion” of Brown People

Adrian Sol
Daily Stormer
October 27, 2018

This used to be the most promising Fusion research path.

Fusion power is a very exciting field with incredible potential. On one hand, fusion power generators would basically enable high-performance spacecraft, by giving these ships enough energy reserves to superheat their fuel and fire it out at extreme velocities.

Donut ships ftw.

On the other hand, if Fallout taught me anything, it’s that Fusion energy will bring about WW3 and the total nuclear annihilation of this civilization, leading to a brutal world in which only the strong survive.

My body is ready, General Fusion Mass Fusion.

However, it seems the Canadian government, headed by weed president Trudeau, is considerably less excited by the prospect of interstellar conquest and total nuclear annihilation.

As such, they’ve given General Fusion, one of the most promising fusion research companies, a poisoned gift to sink them forever.

Canadian Biomass Magazine:

In the face of global economic challenges, the Government of Canada is continuing to invest in innovative sectors such as clean technology to create well-paying middle-class jobs, grow Canada’s economy and address the world’s environmental challenges.

Today, the Honourable Navdeep Bains, Minister of Innovation, Science and Economic Development, together with the Honourable Harjit Singh Sajjan, Minister of National Defence, announced a $49.3-million investment in General Fusion, a clean technology company seeking to transform the world’s energy supply with safe, sustainable and economical fusion energy.

Of course, Canada has weird turban people in charge of their most important stuff. This is not surprising. I’m not surprised.

The funding will help General Fusion create technology leading to 400 new jobs and support its project to develop a first-of-its-kind large-scale prototype plant that will demonstrate a practical approach to commercializing affordable, abundant, safe and emission-free electricity from fusion energy. General Fusion’s technology has the potential to revolutionize how sustainable energy is generated and position British Columbia—and Canada—as a global leader in fusion technology.

Even at this point in the article, I was starting to get nervous.

Why are they making such a big deal about “creating middle-class jobs” and “400 new jobs” or whatever? Who gives a damn about a few stupid jobs, compared with the prospect of generating essentially infinite amounts of energy forever?

This is quite bizarre.

Thanks in part to this federal investment through the Strategic Innovation Fund, General Fusion will expand its collaboration with post-secondary institutions and employ inclusive hiring practices as the company grows its workforce. As a result of this project, Canadians will see more intellectual property developed and retained in Canada.


Damn you, Trudeau!

They’re giving General Fusion $50 million – in exchange for hiring 400 brown people. On one of the most complex, technologically sophisticated fields in the world.

In other words, they’re trying to destroy the company.

In the first video, the chief engineer put up a picture of their team at the time.

61 White people. Four Asians.

Now they’re going to get swamped with 400 “inclusive” picks?

Talk about a Trojan horse.

“This investment by Canada in General Fusion’s transformative clean energy technology is evidence of its commitment to meeting the country’s climate change goals while fostering truly sustainable growth—sustainable growth that will be powered by the disruptively competitive economics and environmentally responsible benefits of fusion energy,” said Christofer Mowry, CEO, General Fusion.

“This Strategic Innovation Fund investment and Canada’s expectation for a financial return on this investment are a vote of confidence in General Fusion’s ability to successfully commercialize its technology and in our ability to deliver new jobs and new opportunities throughout British Columbia and across Canada,” Mowry continued. “We are grateful to Canada for its long-standing support of the company, support that has helped General Fusion become the world’s most advanced private fusion technology venture.”

Okay, so the best case scenario here is that General Fusion is on the verge of a breakthrough, and the cucks in the government realize how embarrassing it would be if their entire team was staffed by only White people and a few Asians.

We wouldn’t want a redo of the moon landing embarrassment, would we?

They want to make sure that if GF is the first to achieve commercially viable fusion – a world-changing event – they can point to a picture full of brown people and say “look at what we can accomplish together when we all hold hands and sing kumbaya.”

So basically General Fusion will hire 400 paki janitors and then have to share the credit with these people when they succeed.

But the worse case scenario is that this is just intended to destroy the company completely. Imagine working on this incredibly complicated project, at the very edge of engineering and physics, and suddenly having your team flooded with 400 paki “engineers.”

It’d be a complete disaster.

As intended, I suspect.

This Trudeau bastard can’t keep getting away with this.