Canadian Government Rushes to be First to Label White People “Terrorists”

Again, we all knew this was coming.

The incredible thing is the speed of it.

The way Canada just reacts to America and bases all their politics on things that happen in America while also pretending to be so much better than us is truly disgusting.

Toronto Star:

The Canadian government is nearing a decision on designating white supremacist and neo-Nazi groups as terrorists, the Star has learned.

Far-right extremism has received more mainstream attention in the wake of the Jan. 6 riot in Washington, when a mob of Donald Trump supporters stormed the U.S. Capitol Building. News reports have identified people in the mob as members of militia groups, as well as the far-right Proud Boys movement.

But a source told the Star on Wednesday that Canada’s intelligence agencies have been quietly probing domestic extremist groups for months to determine if they meet the legal threshold to be designated terrorist entities.

Public Safety Minister Bill Blair’s office has told at least one anti-hate advocacy group to expect the decision imminently. Blair’s office declined to comment Wednesday.

Designating a group a terrorist entity has significant consequences for that group and its members. It would allow financial institutions to freeze assets, empower police to seize property, and make it illegal to knowingly participate or contribute to the organization.

Anti-racist advocates have been pushing the federal government to expand the list of terrorist entities to include more neo-Nazi and white supremacist groups that have a presence in Canada.

Those groups include Atomwaffen, a neo-Nazi group linked to murders in the United States, O9A, a satanic neo-Nazi cult, and The Base, a militant white supremacist group. All three have recruited in Canada and, while their numbers are not believed to be high, they’re considered among the most dangerous.

Remember: calling a white person a “neo-Nazi” or a “white supremacist” is no different than calling a black person a “nigger.”

The term can, has and will be applied to any white person that ever gets out of line. Just like with the n-word.

So if you get recorded saying something mean to a black person, or buying too much stock in GameStop, all of a sudden, the media labels you a “white supremacist” and then they can put you in a black helicopter and haul you off to an underground torture center in Albania.