Canadian Government Admits It’s Tracking Everyone’s Cellphones to Keep Them Safe from a Virus

Whenever some bit of news comes out about the government doing electronic spying, the knee-jerk reaction of everyone on the right is “THEY ALREADY SPY ON EVERYTHING!!!””

That is true or at least mostly true – the US government, along with other Western governments, keep records of most or all electronic communications.

However, that data is not generally used in court, and it isn’t really available to hardly anyone who doesn’t work at a small number of spy agencies (and even they have trouble finding things).

What we are witnessing now is the mass legalization of the normal government spying on the people legally. The core concept here is different.

Government medical agencies in particular have been transformed into very hardcore intelligence agencies.


Canada’s Public Health Agency has admitted to secretly tracking location data from at least 33 million mobile devices to analyze people’s movements during Covid-19 lockdowns.

The agency earlier this year collected data, including geolocation information from cell-towers, “due to the urgency of the pandemic,” a PHAC spokesperson told the National Post, essentially confirming a report by Blacklock’s Reporter. The tracking data was allegedly only used to evaluate the effectiveness of lockdown measures and identify possible links between the movement of people and the spread of Covid-19.

PHAC obtained the information, which was “de-identified and aggregated,” through an outside contractor, Canadian telecommunications giant Telus. The contract ran from last March to October, and PHAC said it no longer had access to the data after the deal expired.

However, the agency plans to similarly track the movements of citizens over the next five years toward such ends as preventing the spread of other infectious diseases and improving mental health. PHAC last week posted a notice to prospective contractors seeking anonymous mobile data dating as far back as January 2019 and running through at least May 2023.

Critics argued that government tracking of citizens is likely more extensive than has been revealed and may become more troublesome in the years ahead.

Basically, in every Western nation, anyone who works at the government is just going to be able to type up your name (or your social security number) and find an entire record of your movements. They will probably also just be able to read all of your texts and turn your phone mic and camera on too, just to see what you’re doing.

This is very, very different than the whole Snowden and WikiLeaks revelations about the NSA and CIA secretly (and illegally) gathering all of your data.

Thus far, there is nothing that can’t be done “because of Covid.”

You’ve seen that Australia is throwing people in concentration camps, right?

They’re building more of these camps.

They are establishing a brutal technological control grid all around us.

It’s a global panopticon.

We’re sitting here watching it.