Canadian Couple May Face Jail for Ripping Off Indians for Coronavirus Vaccine

I think these people should be jailed just for looking like a couple of weirdos, believing in the coronavirus (and its vaccine), and for being Canadian.

However, I think their sentence should be eviscerated because they ripped off Indians.

The Guardian:

A millionaire Canadian couple who secretly travelled to a remote community to receive a coronavirus vaccine meant for vulnerable and elderly Indigenous residents may now face jail sentences for breaking public health rules.

Casino executive Rodney Baker and his wife, Ekaterina Baker, an actor, were widely condemned after it emerged that they had chartered a plane to a remote community in the Yukon territory, where they posed as local motel employees to receive the vaccine.

They were fined C$2,300 (US$1,800) for violating Yukon’s Civil Emergency Measures Act, but community leaders argued that the penalty would be insignificant for the wealthy couple: Baker resigned from his position as a casino executive on Sunday but records show he made a C$45.9m profit on stock options over the past 13 months.

Amid growing outrage, the Yukon community services minister announced on Wednesday that the couple’s tickets had been stayed and they had been served with a notice to appear in court. If convicted, they could serve up to six months in jail.

Indians have been a problem for a long time. They stole our firewater and they burned our wagons.

We should help people that rip them off – not hurt them.