Canadian Cops Demand Decriminalization of All Drugs

The Canadian cops are now openly advocating a policy which will soon become the norm in all Western, formerly white and Christian countries.

Obviously, the cops themselves didn’t come up with this – it was given to them by some NGO that is run by Jews.


As Canada continues to battle an opioid epidemic, the Canadian Association of Chiefs of Police is calling on federal lawmakers to decriminalize the possession of small amounts of illegal drugs for personal consumption.

CACP’s president, Chief Const. Adam Palmer, said it’s time to rethink how police and governments approach the use and abuse of illegal drugs in order to save lives.

“Arresting individuals for simple possession of illicit drugs has proven to be ineffective. It does not save lives,” Palmer said. “The CACP recognizes substance use and addiction as a public health issue. Being addicted to a controlled substance is not a crime and should not be treated as such.

“We recommend that Canada’s enforcement-based approach for possession be replaced with a health-care approach that diverts people from the criminal justice system.”

They can make it sound nice and sweet, say they just care about the addicts and blah blah blah, but do not be fooled: this is a plan for mass murder of the young white population of the West.

Tucker Carlson this week did a breakdown of the Joe Biden plan to remake America, and he didn’t touch on the drugs issue.

But I guarantee you – it is in there.

The Democrat solution to the “white problem” is going to in large part be “let them eat fentanyl.”

People – the overwhelming majority of them white – are already dying from opioid overdoses by the tens of thousands every year, and if we add to that a total economic collapse created by a virus hoax and then make the drugs de facto free, which is what decriminalization would do, those numbers are going to go up to ten times what they are now, in the span of a year.

Drug overdose deaths were 1800% higher in 2018 than they were when I was born in 1984. It’s been a very steady increase, and this increase has more to do with availability than anything else. Yes, the situation in the West has gotten much more dire over the last 30 years, but here’s the thing: when you put people in a dire situation and there are no drugs available, people find a way to deal with the dire situation and make things better. Conversely, when you put people in a dire situation and drugs are widely available, people take drugs until they die.

Decriminalization is about increasing availability, and thus increasing death, period.

I talk a lot about how blacks are going to be unleashed to kill you in your homes, but that is not especially efficient. You can only really expect to kill 50-70,000 people a year that way. Fentanyl, on the other hand, is extremely efficient, and it will be used to wipe out the entire population of millennials and younger.

In ten years, most of us will be dead and the whites that are alive will absolutely not be thinking about producing children.

What you are witnessing is the run-up to an absolute genocide, in which tens of millions of people will be killed through violent crime, poverty and drugs over the span of a few short decades. In the same period, the boomer generation will be dying off, and in 20 years, whites will be a tiny minority in America. It will be a mixed brown country, ruled by brutal Jews.

With the tens of millions of Mexicans being legalized and given voting rights on year one of the Joe Biden Administration, there will never be another Republican elected to president. They will rule unopposed until the country inevitably collapses.

That’s what you’re voting against in November.

We have the power to stop this.