Canada: Woman Bashed After Demanding a White Doctor for Her Son

Lee Rogers
Daily Stormer
June 21, 2017

Here’s another story showing how stupid all this diversity and multiculturalism nonsense is.

A White woman in Canada requested her son be examined by a White doctor who speaks proper English. Apparently the only doctors at the clinic were a bunch of mud monkeys who spoke broken English. Her simple request has been transformed into a national news story by the Canadian media. They apparently want to expose this woman as an evil racist.


A Mississauga, Ont., man is stunned after witnessing and filming a woman make several demands for a “white doctor” who “doesn’t have brown teeth” and “speaks English” at his local walk-in clinic on Sunday.

Hitesh Bhardwaj recorded the incident while waiting for his own appointment at Rapid Access to Medical Specialists in Mississauga, Ont. He shared his video with CBC News.

Over the course of four minutes of video, a woman asks clinic staff several times for a “white doctor” to treat her son who she says has chest pains. When staff tell her that no such doctor is available, the woman gets angry and at one point says “being white in this country I should just shoot myself.”

“I saw a doctor that was not white that did not help my kid,” says the woman in the video. “I would like to see a white doctor. You’re telling me there isn’t one white doctor in this whole entire building?”

Our people should not be living in a situation where they need to be concerned about such things. It is irritating enough having to deal with non-Whites every time you need to place a tech support call. Having to deal with non-White doctors from third world hell holes who can’t speak proper English is complete insanity.

Worse yet, is how this woman is getting depicted as a bad person. That’s because our society has convinced large numbers of people that being labeled a racist is worse than raping or killing someone.

There’s honestly nothing wrong with being a racist. To claim that race doesn’t exist and that there are no differences between the races is the very definition of insanity. Racial differences make it impossible for a cohesive society to exist when you mix everybody together. If mixing everybody together truly brought about a paradise on earth, the Israelis would have done it long ago. Instead, their entire legal system is based off of Jewish supremacist doctrine.

This type of societal dysfunction is only going to get worse as our societies become more culturally diverse. We need full blown White supremacy in our nations to solve these problems. It is the only way forward.