Canada: Weed President Trudeau Celebrates Anal Sex with Men and Terrorism Simultaneously

Daily Stormer
June 27, 2017

Stunning and brave.

What do weird perverts and Moslem terrorists have in common?

They’re both a cherished part of Canada’s rich tapestry.

Sunday was the holy day Eid al-Fitr, marking the end of Ramadan. It was also a day of sexual diversity and pride for Canadians, being the day of Gay Pride. Canada’s great leader Justin Trudeau marched with the gay community in Toronto, wishing everyone a good end to Ramadan and happy Pride Day.


Prime Minister Justin Trudeau led thousands of revellers under a rain of glitter and colour at the Toronto’s Pride parade Sunday. This year’s march, which had a theme of inclusivity, had two conspicuous absences through most of the afternoon: uniformed police and Black Lives Matter (BLM), the activist group that disrupted last year’s march.

BLM did show up toward the end of the parade, despite not being officially registered. Protesters chanted “Black Lives Matter” in all-black outfits as they raised their fists in the air near Yonge and College Sts., the same place where the group held up the parade last year.

Tweets from BLM organizers said this year’s Pride parade was more inclusive and accessible because of their activism.

Fags, Moslems and Blacks. I cant think of a better way to use my tax dollars or a better reason to close major roads than such a family-friendly event as this.

This is the kind of inclusivity and progress that I want my children exposed to.

On top of Trudeau marching, First Nations National Chief Perry Belgarde walked in the front of the parade as well, once again showing the vibrant diversity of Canada.

First Nations National Chief Perry Bellegarde, who walked alongside Trudeau at the front of the parade with a group of Indigenous activists close behind, was the first in his post to march in the Toronto Pride parade.

“There were no closets in our teepees,” Bellegarde said earlier in the day, referring to the historic importance of two-spirited people to First Nations communities.

“I feel the energy in the air,” said Bellegarde, dressed in a sky-blue shirt with rainbow stripes running across his shoulders and chest. He said he was excited to be at his first Pride parade: “The caring. The compassion. The love. The acceptance.”

So loving and accepting.

Trudeau also wished the crowd a happy “Pride Mubarak,” a play on words referring to the end-of-Ramadan celebrations happening in the Muslim community Sunday — celebrations Trudeau honoured with a pair of brightly coloured socks.

Trudeau in his Gay Islam socks.

I am proud to have such a tolerant and accepting leader for my country. After all, if your leader wont even bring his family to a parade filled with gays and Blacks – or even gay Blacks – what kind of a sad country are you living in?

This is just the first step the Canadian Government must take to repent for our past sins against the gays, like the Fag Purges during the cold war.

The Independent:

Canada is set to apologise for the “LGBT purge” when actions were taken against thousands of soldiers and public servants due to their sexual orientation and gender during the Cold War.

Several were dismissed, fired, demoted, or not promoted from the 1950s up until the late 1980s because the government considered them a threat to national security. They were considered vulnerable to blackmail by Soviet operatives.

It wasn’t all that long ago when Canada was no place for gay men. In just thirty short years, we have gone from a nation that has lynched and purged gays from all fields into the modern progressive utopia we all needed.

Just imagine a time when this man was to be lynched for his expression.

The formal apology is expected to be issued this fall and compensation is also being considered. Canada would join the UK, Australia, and Germany in apologising for past atrocities against LGBTQ public servants and military members.

While this may look good, it seems some Canadians are still stuck in the old ways of Fag Hatred, like the evil probable Nazis who burned a rainbow flag in Taber.

This is like another Orlando.


For the second time in as many weeks, a Pride flag flying in Taber, Alta., has been destroyed by vandals.

Sometime on Saturday night or early Sunday morning, someone burned the flag being flown in Confederation Park, near the town hall.

“It’s a total hate crime,” said Kathleen McKenzie, co-chair of the Taber Equality Alliance Society.

This is after someone spread black paint on a Pride crosswalk and a Rainbow flag was cut down on pride day at an Edmonton high school.

Whenever you’re feeling blackpilled at the poz infecting our society, just remember that this act of hate was probably done by a young guy either in or just out of High School. In about a decade, we will have an entire generation of angry, jackbooted White men who want nothing more than to begin The Great Purge.