Canada: Weed President Cucks for the Jews in Auschwitz

Daily Stormer
July 11, 2016


Wow, he really looks upset. No wonder he got elected with those acting skills.

The Holohoax is the cornerstone of the Jew’s mind-control over the masses, as it is simultaneously the strongest basis for white guilt and the main weapon used to shut down all nationalist or right-wing ideas and movements.

Attacking the Holocaust hoax is the most revolutionary act possible in this Jew-controlled world, because it undermines the moral basis of the liberal establishment’s authority.

Inversely, expressing one’s support for the hoax is the most direct way to signal your total submission to the powers that be and your compliance with the prevailing worldview.

Guess in which camp Justin Trudeau falls?

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau surveys a destroyed gas chamber during a tour of the Auschwitz-Birkenau State Museum in Auschwitz, Poland Sunday July 10, 2016. THE CANADIAN PRESS/Adrian Wyld

This rubble proves we must allow Jews to control everything.

Huffington Post:

An emotional Justin Trudeau used a tour to Auschwitz-Birkenau, the scene of one of the worst chapters in human history, to warn against intolerance and offer a message of love.

The blue skies and sunshine on Sunday were a sharp contrast to the history of the place as the prime minister walked past barbed wire fences and surveyed the gas chambers where more than one million people, mostly Jews, were killed in the Second World War.

Trudeau was stone-faced through most of the visit as he was escorted by one of the camp’s survivors, 88-year-old Nate Leipciger, now of Toronto. But the prime minister couldn’t hold back the tears as he stood before the ruined gas chamber where Leipciger’s mother and sister were killed 70 years ago.

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The prime minister didn’t say much during the nearly three hours he spent walking through the camp. But he did leave a message in a guest book kept by the Auschwitz-Birkenau State Museum.

“Tolerance is never sufficient,” he wrote. “Humanity must learn to love our differences.”

“Today we bear witness to humanity’s capacity for deliberate cruelty and evil. May we ever remember this painful truth about ourselves, and may it strengthen our commitment to never allow such darkness to prevail.”

“We shall never forget.”

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The prime minister also looked shaken as he walked through an intact gas chamber, which still bore fingernail marks on the cement walls where desperate prisoners tried to escape before they died.

Riiiiiiight. Hey Justin, tell you what, why don’t you try scratching a cement wall with your fingernails? See if it’s possible be leave marks? Tell you what, if you succeed, I’ll vote for you in the next election.

By reinforcing the Holocaust narrative, Justin is committing rank treason against his people. He’s helping a foreign and hostile tribe undermine our morale in order to force compliance and tribute out of us.

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Beware the Canuck and his scheming!