Canada: Vietnamese Teacher Suspended for Showing High School Seniors VICE Incel Documentary

Showing any form of sympathy to men who are suffering is totally against the rules. Even if it is in the context of educating students about the issue from a cultural perspective.

Soon, it will literally be illegal to piss on a man who is on fire. If you are surrounded by men who are on fire, and there is literally no place else to piss, they will tell you you should have held it longer and if you got a bladder infection that would be a small price to pay.

Global News:

A high school teacher in Abbotsford, B.C., received a five-day suspension for showing students a video about “incels,” a fringe internet group of mainly men who are involuntarily celibate.

According to a decision by B.C.’s Commissioner for Teacher Regulation, Justin Thanh Dat Hung showed students in a Grade 12 family studies class a segment from the HBO documentary series VICE, entitled “This is What the Life of an Incel Looks Like.”

The segment features an interview with a member of an incel community that includes “negative views of women, who are described as sexually manipulative, vain and shallow,” the decision reads.

“The video (also) shows graphic, cartoon-like, sexually-explicit images of women as sexual objects and images of men having violent sexual encounters with women.”

One student reported feeling uncomfortable watching the video and another left the room, the decision says.

Hung had also not viewed the video prior to showing it to students.

It’s notable that the teacher is Asian, so probably himself an incel, being that he is living in the degenerate Western sex cult(ure).

The way out for white incels is to have sex with Asian women.

So what are Asian men supposed to do? Have sex with blacks?

So basically, these filthy whores who reported this man and claimed he made them feel uncomfortable are racists.

But that’s okay. Because before racism comes the fact that all men are pure evil and must be made to suffer.

This VICE documentary isn’t even sympathetic.

The idea is that you’re not even allowed to know that it is possible for men to have problems.