Canada: University Bans White People from Applying for Management Position

Adrian Sol
Daily Stormer
February 17, 2017

Avoid these communist indoctrination centers if you can.

Existence is a zero-sum game. The energy and matter in the universe is finite, and entropy is constantly spreading it apart further and further, making resources scarcer as times goes on.

There is no way to change this, short of changing the fundamental laws of physics and logic.

Yet mindless liberals and their Jew handlers have the gall to claim that we can grant all sorts of privileges to foreign groups, and we won’t suffer in any way as a result.

Every benefit that we grant a foreigner takes resources away from our own people, increasing their suffering. Every position we grant a non-White is a position that could have gone to a White man.

So in this sense, “diversity” boils down to a policy of stripping resources away (space, matter and energy) away from Whites and giving it to our racial competitors.

This is obvious treason.

And they’re not even trying to hide this dynamic under the pretense of “equality” anymore.


Dalhousie University, based in the Canadian city of Halifax, Nova Scotia, has announced it will only be seeking “racially visible and Indigenous candidates” for a senior management position in order to encourage diversity.

In other words:

Don’t bother applying, Whitey.

The university put out an email to announce the vacancy for the position of vice-provost of student affairs, which was previously held by Dr. Arig al Shaibah, who also comes from a visible minority background. Provost and vice-president academic Carolyn Watters, who wrote the email, claimed that the move was to increase representation from “underrepresented groups”, CBC reports.

Remember – increasing representation in these groups mean reducing our own representation.

There is no magic world in which you can increase a rival group’s power without reducing your own power by doing so.

“In keeping with the principles of our employment equity policy, and with an aim to increase the representation of under-represented groups at Dalhousie, this search for a new vice-provost student affairs will be restricted to racially visible persons and Aboriginal peoples at this time,” Watters wrote.

This should be read: “in keeping with our policy of displacing White people in their own country, we’re banning them from access to this position of authority and influence to grant it to their racial competitor instead.”

They want to purge White not only from their positions, but from history itself.

Dalhousie student union president Amina Abawajy, who works with the vice-provost, is on the hiring committee, and comes from a minority Muslim background, said: “When issues of especially equity, diversity and inclusion come up, it’s really great to not have to explain where I’m coming from or where students are coming from — to really know that this person has an understanding of intersectional oppression and forms of oppression and how they manifest on campus.”

“When it comes to stripping White people of their resources and political power, I prefer dealing with other non-Whites who are on board with that agenda.”

The university’s assistant vice-president for human resources Jasmine Walsh argued against those who might allege the hiring practices are discriminatory rather than hiring by individual merit.

“From my perspective, there isn’t a merit argument that runs counter to this. In fact, this actually is the way for us to develop the most meritorious faculty and staff population,” she said.

In other words, this bitch literally believes White people don’t deserve to have these positions of authority, regardless of their qualifications or experience.

We’re at war, and the enemy will grab every scrap of power they can get away with in order to improve their position. Our own concept of “justice” or “decency” doesn’t even enter the equation.

To Jews and their leftist golem, White men are the enemy, and they’ll do everything they can to subjugate us as soon as possible.

But the only reason they’ve been slowly winning ground for the past decades is because we didn’t even think to fight back.

That’s starting to change, and fast. Once the White man starts to fight back, nothing can stand in his way.

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