Canada: Two Americans Fined $16,000 Each for Providing Fake Vaccine Documentation

So, apparently the fake vaccine cards are illegal – in Canada.

American authorities threatened that the fake vaccine cards “might be illegal,” but so far no one has been charged.

However, check your local laws.

New York Post:

Canadian officials have charged two American travelers and fined them 20,000 Canadian dollars each – around $16,000 USD – for providing fake COVID-19 vaccination documents.

The unnamed travelers arrived from the US in Canada the week of July 18. Officials from the Public Health Agency of Canada (PHAC) fined each traveler four times for a total of 19,720 CAD per traveler.

The fake documents consisted of proof of vaccinations and pre-departure tests; officials also cited the pair for “non-compliance” with government requirements for accommodation and on-arrival testing, according to a PHAC press release.

Canada instituted travel requirements in January that any incoming traveler must provide a negative COVID test before boarding a plane. Further, all travelers arriving by air need to stay at a government-approved hotel for three nights, or until they receive a negative COVID test.

The hotel stay can cost more than 1500 CAD, though.

This will be the global policy, soon enough.

A lot of people are going to want these fake vaxx passes.

Frankly, even the vaxxed might want fake vaxxed passes, just to show they’re up to date on the vaxxes. It is going to become an absolute nightmare to be one of the vaxxed and be required to go in every single month and get these new injections, which will cause you all of these new health problems.