Canada: Trudeau to Appoint Female Head of RCMP to Stop “Sexual Harassment”

Daily Stormer
May 18, 2017


It’s becoming clear now that this whole “Canada” thing was just a huge mistake.

It’s time to start walking this one back.

I mean, it’s only a matter of time before weed president Justin Trudeau announces that the entire workforce needs to be forcibly made female-only, and the whole country collapses. We need to be prepared for that.

I certainly am.

Daily Caller:

With another report claiming that the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) is rife with workplace sexual harassment, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is reportedly now committed to finding a woman to head the storied national police force.

The current commissioner, Bob Paulson, is retiring at the end of June.

According to the National Post and its sources, Trudeau believes a female commissioner will address some of the criticism that the force is too male-dominated, although he says that he still believes the selection process should be “merit-based.”

If the selection process was merit-based, then the pick would look something like this:

10/10 full of lumberjack vigor, would select for managing Canuck FBI.

But instead, the Trudeau version of “merit-based” selection is sure to come up with something like this:

Just what we need to keep our Moslem terrorists under control.

Because yes, that’s the job of the RCMP, which is more or less the Canadian version of the FBI. Putting a woman in charge of that is basically inviting ISIS to make Canada their new base of operation.

I’m sure once ISIS takes over Canada, they’ll put an end to sexual harassment, huh, Justin?

Monday’s report by the Civilian Review and Complaints Commission — a civilian reviewer of the RCMP — said the the Mounties has a “dysfunctional culture” that has refused to reform except in “limited and ad hoc” ways.

Yeah, whatever.

This is a disaster, but honestly, it isn’t even the worse thing about all of this.

Far more pressing – and more humiliating – is the common misconception that Justin Trudeau is a French Canadian.

That’s a dirty kike lie.

In fact, it’s widely known that he’s the love child of Fidel Castro and his Anglo mother, Margaret Joan Sinclair.

Justin and his two parents. 100% proven fact.

Communist father, and Anglo mother – not a drop of French blood in him.

Incidentally, this also means that he’s technically not even White.

So let this myth be laid to rest for good.